Monday, December 5, 2011

{Week 2. Day 1}

Mondays are rough. Though I do feel myself getting stronger, I feel exhausted. My whole body aches and I want to sleep for a couple days. With this said, I did work harder today than any day I have been here. Our hike was ridiculous. Harder than any other hike and was all uphill. I try to take in the scenery, but all I can see are my two feet struggling to move just one more step. I made it a lot further than I thought and now my body is pissed the F off. But stretch class hurts so good.

Today Tonia taught our Circuit Training class which was after the hike and core training. I woke up this morning with a vow to push myself way harder this week in hopes of another double digit weight loss. I have never worked my body as hard as I did during Circuit. I know it had to do with Sione working right next to me, Tara working right behind me, Courtney working just a couple machines down and Tonia watching me, but I do feel stronger and I know I can push myself way more than last week. And I did. I ran on the treadmill. Ran. On. The. Treadmill.

One of the secrets to the Biggest Loser show is the Body Bugg. Simply, it's an arm band that tracks your calories burned and steps. I also have the watch band that allows me to see my progress immediately and can then push even further. My Body Bugg is now part of my life. It is always with me. I decided to name it since it is now such a huge part of my life and success. The Body Bugg is also a symbol of my journey and motivates me during those really hard moments. I named my Body Bugg Tonia after my favorite trainer here at the Resort. I have talked about her before and will continue to throughout this week. She keeps me focused during the workouts and has so much to offer. Whenever I see her, I want to try harder, push farther and either shit or get off the pot. She is no bullshit and neither is the Body Bugg. If you work hard, you will see results.

After dinner tonight, we hit the gym for an evening workout with Kelly, Shelene and Haley. I dedicate this blog post to them and want to highlight my adoration for Haley. She is an internal medicine physician from South Carolina. She is young, fit, and by far, works harder than everyone here. I have watched her many times during our workouts and not only does she never give up, but she pushes herself has far as she can. I know when I am on the verge of giving up, I can find her in the room sprinting on her elliptical or treadmill. I went to the gym after dinner tonight because of her. And why I even allowed myself to attempt Jacob's ladder. She is genuine, hilarious, brilliant, tenacious, and a frickin doctor. I feel so blessed to know her and want to continue my friendship with her long after we leave. Thank you Haley for your unconditional support and hard work. You are exactly what I need this week.

We had a great 'Eating Out' lecture today with Jessica. It's important for me to remind myself that when I return home, life will be moving as fast as it was before I left and eating out is part of that. Tricks for eating out include:
*Not arriving at a restaurant starving. Eat a piece of fruit or some almonds before leaving.
*Watch the sodium. There are many good choices with calorie counts available, but the sodium usually exceeds an entire daily intake.
*Look up nutrition and calorie information before arriving at the restaurant. Be prepared.
*Drink water. Jessica, the nutritionist, said that with refills, people tend to drink up to 40 ounces of soda by the time they are done with dinner, equally about 500 calories. That exceeds the calorie amount for the entire meal.
*Read through the menu and make good choices.
*Get dressings, dips, creams, and sauces on the side. Salads are some of the worst offenders because of the dressing.
*Order lean protein 'dry-fried' without butter and oil.
*Socialize. Dining out is a social event. Take your time and enjoy your food.
*Substitute fries, rice, and other carbs for salads, veggies, and fruit.

I love to eat out. I love the social aspect of it and the food. I know it has been one of my biggest downfalls. Though, I will not completely give up eating out, I am now more prepared to not fail.

Shout outs:

Haley...Thank you for everything you do for me. Your "atta girls", high fives and dedication have inspired me since the moment I met you.

Tonia, the trainer not my Body Bugg, Thank you for keeping me accountable and pushing me so hard. I am so inspired by you and know I will think of you often when I return home. arms are killing me from holding the weight ball over my head, but you got me through that workout today and I feel so honored to have sweated beside you. I can't wait for the Tongan tribal dance.

Sarah Nitta...Thank you for sharing so much with me during the hike. You are a sweet, beautiful woman and I wish you only good things. I can't wait to visit the Resort in Utah.

Courtney Rainville (Season 12), I love that you love your sister, Kelly as much as I love my sister, Cara.

Tips of the day:

When you think you have nothing left, you can run on a treadmill for 2 minutes.

If you eat enough pickles to cause heartburn, you have had too many.

Do not eat movie popcorn. There are 700+ calories in movie popcorn. Pop your own at home and bring it with you.

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