Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stronger Everyday: An Update

by Brianne

It is safe to say if we lacked on our weight loss the way we have on our blog, we would not be doing so well. We are 18 months in and going strong. Though recently, we have both been dealing with some unfortunate, but realistic struggles. If all weight loss consisted of was clean eating and fitness, there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic. The game is all mental. Get your mind right, and you will find success. But to get your mind right, it takes abso-fucking-lutely everything you’ve got and we are not there, just yet. Together my sister and I have spent the last 18 months relearning how to live and think healthfully. We have down the processes of  “park your car farther away, take the stairs, salad dressing on the side, wear our (new) Polar watch, drink a shit-ton of water” lifestyle. We get it. We know it. We live it. What we struggle with, what most people struggle with, is the daily motivation to keep a positive attitude when we feel exhausted and overwhelmed, get our asses to the gym/trainer when our bodies are screaming at us, choose chicken and spinach over crap food or no food when we are starving and/or rushed, and dealing with the reasons we found ourselves overweight in the first place, without using food to cope. Though we have many sustainable routines in place, it takes every ounce of mental strength we have and to find long-term success, we must be even stronger.

If we know how to eat right and sweat right, then how do we get our minds right?

It takes time. A tenacious diligence of positive mindful thought that becomes greater and stronger each day. However, inspiration, grand, amazing, prideful INSPIRATION becomes the catalyst to keeping momentum during this mental game. We may never have our minds perfectly right where everything just becomes easy shmeezy, but inspiration sure does make you think you might.
Cara and I have found inspiration from some amazing people we have met along the way. It keeps us going. Friends we met at the Biggest Loser Resort, the Biggest Loser winners and contestants we have the honor of knowing, our Boot Camp beasts, close friends and family, all our social media friends that we may have or may not have officially met and so so many more. It reminds us that people just like us can change completely. To choose change in the face of adversity is brilliance. We are so honored to be a part of your lives (even if only on Instagram straight flexin).
No matter what your goals are (100 pounds, 10 pounds, maintenance), you must find strength within yourself to wake up everyday and continue. This is the mental game where your want for change must be greater than anything else. Inspiration. That is how.


I am eating approximately 1400 calories a day. Working out 5-6 days a week for 1-2 hours. I drink 100 ounces of water a day and I use Shakeology as a meal replacement.
I have lost 128 pounds, 8 dress sizes, down 22 inches around my abdomen and have gained much better outlook on the life I want for myself, which I believe to be the true measure of success. I have more to lose and lots more work to do, but it's happening. It will happen.

Cara eats between 1200-1400 calories a day, works out 4-5 times per week, has been tracking her food for over 100 days on My Fitness Pal (that1momma) and has lost 87 lbs.

 Shout outs:

To the cousins: Kasey, Kelly and Meghan…our daily conference texts light up our lives. The humor and honesty found in our group texts is seriously fucking super amazing. You are right beside us and we are right beside you to the moon and back. “Even though I am twitching and want to knaw my arm off, I feel great”.

Kian! If there is one person who should win an award for achieving success while the world has gone dark, it’s you. Amidst all that you have been put through, with all of the obstacles placed in your path, YOU ARE GRADUATING FROM NURSING SCHOOL. I feel proud. Like ‘yell at the top of my lungs and cry and laugh and jump up and down and roll around on some grassy field wearing a cap and gown singing to Michael Jackson’ proud. Though I never once doubted your ability, I am so inspired. Congrats Ma. My rib.

Johnny…You have not given up on me even when I have wanted to give up on myself. Your positive attitude has kept me aligned with the goals we have set. You are so much more than my trainer. Thanks BFF. Means the world to me. Ride or die. Check out his website…


Social media: stalk the people who inspire you to live the best life you can possibly live. Stalk-inspiration. Or just follow them, thats ok too!

To inspire ourselves and anyone who reads this blog, we will be starting a series called “Phat Chances' Skinny Summer” where inspirational people will be highlighted as guest Phat Chances bloggers.  Throughout this summer, we will be reaching out to some of the people that inspire us most. If you have a story to tell, tell us about it! We would love to feature you or if you want us to highlight someone that inspires you, please email us at or

Sunday, May 19, 2013

This is NOT a Race

We are 18 months into our weight loss journey. 

It seems to be getting harder. Although we know EVERYTHING....what works and what doesn't, what we need to eat and what we shouldn't, life keeps moving on. We are finding more and more things to inspire us. We Instagram it (#PhatChanes), we Facebook it....heck we talk about this journey to anyone who wants to listen, the jeweler that is sizing a wedding ring we haven't worn since Christmas, the nice lady at the soup counter asking if we know about nutrition ...OH I KNOW ABOUT NUTRITION.

And yet the fire is smoldering. Day after day looking to reach a goal and day after day sometimes it is the same and sometimes it is creeping in the wrong direction. But everyday looking in the mirror and being reminded just how far we have come, because truth is we will NEVER go back. There are HUGE non-scale victories that we do celebrate, a new clothing size, weights and squats we couldn't do before, a calorie burn that makes us feel accomplished. These are all good things. 

Today is a fun run in San Francisco, the 102nd Annual Bay to Breakers about 9 miles straight across this amazing city. We have never actually run in B2B, although today would have been one heck of a run, the weather is PERFECT. Bay to Breakers is not a race, people dress in costumes or in nothing, build teams and there is a lot of drinking along the way. Marathons are not races either, you just want to finish. 

So today we are encouraging anyone who is on this journey to remind yourself, THIS (weight loss journey, fit LIFE) IS NOT A RACE. 


*We would like to apologize for the lack of Blog Posts. More updates to come, like the 18 month stats and photos.*