Monday, March 30, 2015

Phat Tuesday: PASSION

PASSION: an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

How did I stumble upon that while losing 100 lbs, running half marathons, and eating my weight in chicken? 

One day I just made the decision to change. I don't know how I made that happen, if I did I would share it with everyone. What I did learn is that we all yearn to make a difference. To make an impact on even just one person. After making that difference in myself and sharing it with everyone I knew, there was something that came over me to keep sharing, keep inspiring and motivating. What I didn't realize is that lasting change is actually really freaking hard. I knew this whole journey was the toughest thing I had ever done, there are still days that the battle happening in my head abut what I put in my mouth is the toughest battle I fight. But what is it about me that keeps me going and WHY, WHY can't I help MORE people? 

I once learned from a very good friend that the average woman never accomplishes the things she wants to accomplish. She might talk about it (a lot) she might research it, write out a plan, buy a few things to inspire her to DO it. And then fail to achieve it. More than not she will not do what she said she wanted to do. WHAT?! How is that possible? All that planning, thinking and even preparation and then....nothing. What is it that holds us back? 

"Don't let planning and preparation delay PROGRESS."

My biggest challenge and one I am taking head on to figure out. How do I help the 9-5ers? How do I create a lasting sense of PASSION in people who I know are tired. In the hard working people that really don't have time or energy to meal prep, heck, to even workout. These are the people that I care so very much about and the people I BELIEVE in. I know it is not easy and I know that time is critical. So to the people who are making the steps to change, to trust, and to move forward, I am right here with you. No matter what: KEEP GOING.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Phat Tuesday

Here it is my inaugural Phat Tuesday post.
I have been wanting to do this now for 4 weeks, you know since Fat Tuesday. I found the pun interesting and have had about a thousand thoughts on blogging since. Time on the other hand...

So here I am (reading for my Wellcoaches assignment) and BLOGGING my heart out. Because I have something heavy, so heavy on my heart. REAL. Vulnerable. And I need to share. Because this journey is all about truth.

I feel great. I feel amazing actually. I feel like I just hit a really good stride in my fitness and in my nutrition. I feel like my health issues that are currently being identified as EXCELLENT Cardiovascular Health should not be taken with a grain of salt, but rather celebrated. I was thinking the worst of the worst and here I am in the best cardiovascular health of my life. We will save that for a later post.

I was off to a baby shower. An afternoon with some of the most beautiful women I know and very influential to me as a mother. I consult my dearest friend (Pretty. Funny. Smart) and ask her what I should wear, we decide on a pink tank, black pants and my neon patent sandals that I would wear everywhere if I could. I do myself up, hair, make up, and sandals. And then I look in the mirror..... I over analyze. I look side to side. Front to back. Again and again and again. My arms are so flabby. I shouldn't have ate cheese, I am bloated. And then it hit me like a fucking brick.....will I ever be happy with this body? Will I ever look at it and be proud?

I just finished telling you not only am I apparently medically in excellent shape, but I feel like I am. So WHY AM I DOING THIS? My excess skin will sag. My arms that feel stronger than ever before will have extra skin. Will I ever remove it? NO. Do I want a wrap? Not really.

I want to not think about it. I want to cherish it and love it and never speak badly about it ever again. This journey starts and ends with a single thought. Yes, action is critical, but you have to believe it. You have to want it. So, I shed a tear or two about being so mean to myself and I moved on. With the intentions of never being mean again.