Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Win The Day By Betty

Day 3. Wednesday. No longer hump day. It's now 'destroy you until you think you are going to die' day.

Kickboxing. First time ever. Some serious shit. I kicked the crap out of several people today on that punching bag and will be looking for a kickboxing class upon my return. My knuckles have abrasions and arms are soar, but the aggression I was able to release was much more effective and legal than actually killing someone. Before I leave, I plan on kicking the bag so hard it tips over onto the floor.

We learned about intuitive eating today. I am a chaotic eater, an unconscious eater, an emotional eater, and a refuse not eater. No wonder, right? A chaotic eater has no routine and frequently skips meals. They are over scheduled and eat on the run. No memory of how much or what they eat and they never plan ahead. The unconscious eater eats while doing other things like watching TV. They eat whatever is available and don't notice when they are full. The emotional eater uses food to cope with their feelings. The refuse not eater rarely refuses food ever when full. Yeah, that's me.

I learned today that in the 2 weeks I am here I will be detoxed from my food addiction, however, the addictive pathways in my brain with still exist. I will just develop new pathways of healthy eating. I know this journey has just started for me, but I must admit I feel terrified about coming home and failing. Essara, the life coach, asked me if I love myself. Hard question when my feet, legs, lower back and arms feel like death, but initially I said no. As we talked more about it, I realized I love certain things about me...I try to be a good person, live with integrity, my work ethic, my years of public service and the devotion I have to my family. What I don't love is exactly why I am here making a change. I don't love that I am obese, lazy, anxious, depressed, unhealthy and unmotivated. What I don't love most is that I have trouble dealing with all my emotions. I binge to deal with everything. I believe the key to my success will be acknowledging the emotion, finding the source and coping with it constructively. I fear that I have dug myself so deep that returning home will be extremely hard, but life goes on. People don't live at the Biggest Loser Resort. I will return home to the same busy, hectic lifestyle I left four days ago. Everyday until I leave for home I will prepare myself mentally, physically and emotionally to continue my journey. I talk with other guests about their struggles and realize there are so many people just like me. I hiked with a woman name Vicki today from Canada and we think the same way about food. It makes everything better especially if it involves sauces like ranch, butter, ketchup and gravy. And no meal is complete without a lot of soda. She said it's good we don't live close to each other. Butter will never take away my anxiety. Cake will not relieve any fears. Diet Coke will not prevent hard days. Life is not always easy. I will have hard days filled with anger and tears, but it's how I cope with these days that will ensure my success. I want to live a long happy life with choices I make for myself. These days my weight has been making choices for me. That is no way to live.

I want to be healthy more than I love food. And that's a lot.

Shout out's:

To the makers of duct tape, I owe you my first born. Duct tape is used at the Resort to prevent blisters on feet during hikes. Since I have to hike every freakin' day, I have saved my feet by this sticky gray tape. Thank you duct tape. I heart you.

To Essara...I adore you. I will be using your 'food police' strategy upon returning home. (Food police are those sweet people that point out every little thing I put in my mouth and put me on blast for eating it. Luckily, I have few people in my life that do this, but to those that do or are thinking about doing it, you may only call me out if I am eating something actually unhealthy at rapid pace and you may only say 'Is everything ok?'. Anything else and I will shit on your bed. I am already hard on myself I don't need you to make me feel worse.)

To Ryan Dennis Garcia, thank you for the texts. I was seriously on the brink of a complete breakdown after the most ridiculous hike ever today (2 words: stairs and sand). I had 3 minutes to either lay on my bed or pee so I laid on the bed, read a text and immediately got up and said "WIN THE MUTHA'EFFIN DAY"

To me: You can do this. You are worth it. You are loved. Supported. Prayed for and thought of. Realize how much there is to do with this life, this one life you have to live. Don't spend the rest of your life unhealthy. Be aware. Stay present. Live. Live. Live.

Day 3: Wednesday, November 30


0600 Stretch w/ Cameron
0700 Breakfast: Hot Muesli w/ fruit
0745 Hike Descriptions & Departure
0800 Hike: Point Dume about 4 miles in sand and on stairs and switch backs
1115 Stretch w/ Cameron
1215 Lunch: Beet Soup and Turkey Meatloaf w/ veggies
1315 Lecture: Emotional Eating
1430 Kickboxing w/ Carla
1530 Mountain w/ John
1630 H2O Intervals
1730 Dinner: Chicken "tostada" Salad and Mango Sorbet
1815 Lecture: Intuitive Eating

FANTASTIC DAY! We all woke up with dread, pain and uncertainty if we could make it through today. And it was important that we realize that today was 100% mental. Yes, we had a lot of pushing to do, but if our body was screaming no and stop we had to focus on the head and listen to the YES YOU CAN! (thanks Kasey, for your message this morning.) 

Point Dume was an awesome hike, think Daryl Hannah in 10, or the last Mercedes commercial you saw and you will know where we were. We started out walking the sand on the beach, then moved to asphalt, we then hit stairs on a switch back and they were also mostly sand. But the view and the people and the hike guides got us through it. 

Today, we had two lectures about Emotional Eating and Intuitive eating. Brianne will be sharing more on this in her additional post tonight. But what I need to say about this is something that I just thought was something I could control, something that was wrong with me because "I LOVE FOOD", but today I learned that I am actually classified as an eating disorder...My Name is Cara, and I am an OVEREATER. There are a lot of things that I need to learn. Portion control is a minor part of that, but I need to figure out why I eat until I am sick and uncomfortable. And I should be able to figure that out here.

We had a new class that neither Betty nor I had ever participated in and that was Kickboxing...hello Kickboxing, we are 2 sisters that would like to kick ass everyday and we can do that with gloves and bags and Carla is an awesome trainer!We also had an class called MOUNTAIN, and it is just that you pick a mountain and climb. John was our trainer on this. Each person picks the cardio machine they think will push them the hardest and for the next 45 minutes you increase incline or resistance every 3 minutes twelve times. By the time I finished I was at a gear 13 and pushing the stationary bike at 22 mph. and held that for 3 minutes!!! It is a shock, yes, but I knew I had it in me all along. Betty was on the NuStep a very cool elliptical like machine, she showed it who's boss!

In the end today was AWESOME. It really is about COMMITMENT not only to these 2 weeks, but beyond. The key to remember is that this is for a lifetime, not just the weeks that we are here.  

OOOHHHHH I almost forgot...yesterday I had acupuncture for the first time and tonight I met with the chiropractor. Both were awesome and were to help alleviate my neck and shoulder pain from working in front of computers for the last 6 years....I feel like a new woman tonight. I had my back and NECK cracked, I actually was afraid to move, I thought I was done for, but the neck pain is GONE!!! AMEN to that!

I am still having photo issues. I promise there will be more as of tomorrow, thanks to my new friend Heather teaching me about PhotoStream. But for now, off to bed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time to Focus

To quote myself from the first blog posting, "this is so much more than oatmeal and elliptical". It's mental. It's emotional. It's figuring out why and what has allowed myself to be unhealthy and completely out of control. Without attention to mental health, this journey will end the same way all my other attempts at weight-loss ended...EPIC FAILURE. I am very aware my emotional eating and anxiety are the reason for my weight so I made an appointment with Essara for "Planning Strategies Life Coaching". First of all, she is amazing. It's hard for anyone to admit their vulnerability, but she exudes compassion and dedication to personal success. What became clear is the fact that I neglect myself, I have a food addiction and much of my anxiety is caused by things that I have no control over. I do a lot of "time travel" meaning my mind races with thoughts of what has happened and what might happen. Constantly stressing over how things could have been different and how things could be different in the future. To "relieve" some of the stress I have, I eat. I binge eat. Food makes everything better...for a little while and then I need more food to keep me from dealing with any negative emotion. I would eat when I wasn't even hungry just to take away anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and stress. In order to overcome this vicious cycle, I must allow emotions to happen. Feel the fear and anger. But instead of eating it all away, Essara helped me develop some other options. First, being aware of what is causing the emotion, especially time travel. Second, communicate with someone about how I'm feeling, which can also include journaling. I need to make a conscious effort to live in the present and be me. One thing I have in favor is that I am usually very aware of my emotions. I have actually said "I am eating this because I am anxious". Like I said last blog, if I ever do this again, SHOOT ME BETWEEN THE EYES. I avoid everything uncomfortable and find comfort in food. Bad food. But no more. I refuse to allow myself to do this to myself ever again.

I must be better about time management. Focusing on me and my life. Not everyone elses. My life must involve time for me. Time for a healthy, happy life. I have not been happy. Miserable actually and I don't let many people come even close to knowing that. I avoid. I must have boundaries for myself. This is just the beginning of my journey, but unlike every attempt before this journey will not end. This is the start of the life I want. The life I deserve.

I will be meeting with Essara again. These 2 weeks are about preparation to return home. Everyday I learn something knew about myself, food and exercise. I will be successful. I will make time to be successful because I am worth it.

About today, I really hate hiking though I intend on making it a part of my life after I leave here, I HATE HIKING. Cara says it's because of the unknown. I say it's because of the uneven ground, bugs, dirt, and hills. I recognize this is about me getting out of my comfort zone so this will be the last complaint I have about hiking. Just know the smiles you see in hiking pictures are all fake.

I am so thankful for the conversations with the trainers in between classes. Once again, Tonia has blown me away. In between two of the hardest classes today, I sat with her for a few minutes and feel so grateful for her tenacity and investment. Though, I am terrified about the next class I have with her as I know she will find me and just destroy me. I am thankful.

My shout outs:

Aunt Debbie...thank you for your words. They mean so much to me and can't wait to see you when I get back.

Jessica the Nutritionist...amazing. Thank you for everything you have taught me about food. Right when I think I know everything about food. I am so much more aware. So grateful.

To my new friends: Kelly, Meg, Z, Susan, Keith, and Sandi (just to name a few), I find such relief knowing that I am not the only one that feels like I was hit by a hiking van.

To my Body Bugg...I burned over 5,000 calories today and was able to push myself harder just to see my number rise. Who am I? I would have never said that before coming here. Weird.

And to Cameron the morning stretch trainer, your morning dedication song got me through the entire day. "Don't worry about a thing. 'Cuz every little thing is gonna be alright"-Bob Marley

Exhausted. Would rather pee the bed then get up right now. Tomorrow is a new day. It's go time.

Day 2: November 29

{DAY 2: Gratitude and Commitment}
0600 Stretch (optional, but we don't miss it)
0700 Breakfast: banana muffins (2) with mixed fruit
0745 Hike Descriptions and Departure: Leo Carrillo Beach Hike
1115 Stretch
1225 Lunch: Turkey Sandwich and Parsnip Soup
1300 Calorie Challenge
1330 Lecture: Cooking Demo 
1430 Total Toning w/ John and Carla
1530 Cardio Interval w/ Carla
1630 H2O Intervals w/ John
1730 Dinner: Veggie Lasagna and Mixed veggies and Key Lime Pie 
1815 Lecture: Spending Your Calories Wisely Part 2 w/ Jessica

Well, we conquered day 2. CHEERS!!! HOORAY!!! This is only day 2, calm down, we have a lot more work.  It is funny how all of a sudden we aren't traveling between buildings as quickly as we were yesterday. We are sweating more and that's a great thing! We are becoming more engaged with other guests and trainers, the thing we decided is so important not only from the other guests but also from the staff is to hear their stories. The why, how and their successes. It gives us hope, it helps us through the rough patches knowing that even if they are here because they are passionate about health, they are here because it is a way of life that we too can have.

Tonight, I met a woman from Switzerland, she is a mechanical engineer and she is here because it was time for her to take a break for herself.  I can relate, I am here because I need to invest 100% of my time on me. I need to take this break from reality to think about where I want to be and how I want to feel, because prior to coming here I was not happy with who I was. Today, in the Total Toning class in which it is clear that Trainer John could give Jillian Micheal's a run for her money, I loved it! I stood there with weights and Bosu balls and medicine balls and thought why isn't this a regular part of my life? Sure, Carla and John had a great circuit using all of the equipment, but the real challenge came at the end when Jilli...I mean John had us hold dumbbells at a 90 degree angle while holding a squat for a long time and then added several the point that you actually wish you had taken that pee break because you might shit your pants!

Aside from me, I am happy to say that Betty is doing really well. I am so proud of her. Not only is she really pushing herself, she is hiking, she hates hiking, but has completed 2 so far. She also met with the Life Coach, Essara. Tonight, there will be an additional posting by Betty (aka Brianne) as homework. Being here is about the whole self. The health, fitness, relaxation and WELLNESS. I also had my first acupuncture session tonight. Working as a dispatcher in front of computers for 12 hour shifts has taken a huge toll on my shoulders and neck. I have wanted to try acupuncture for a while and thought why not try it here. Taking care of ourselves, that is why we are here. 

We are so lucky to have several past Biggest Loser contestants joining us over the next 2 weeks. This week we have Jerry and Estella from Season 7. They are an older couple, but so smart and fit and just kind people. They were where we are, they have made changes and they support everyone. Today, we had a great opportunity to talk about the future. To think about and say to others what we think needs to happen in 2 weeks. This is day 2 of intense focused hard work...what will we be doing on day 2 of our return? It is a question that we are visualizing and thinking about all of the time. We have resources here, trainers, staff, other guests who we can say are now our friends. Here are some pictures from the amazing hike today...

Yes, we can still smile!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 1: November 28

"Anything in life worthwhile is not easy."
-John, Lead Trainer BLR Malibu
Today, began with our alarm clocks going off at 0530.  We had a full schedule ahead. Stretching/Yoga 0600-0630. "Know Your Gym" info session 0630-0700. Breakfast: A half whole grain cinnamon waffle with a blueberry sauce and mixed fruit. 0745-1100 Hike departure, travel and hiking about 3.5 miles (Malibu Creek Trail located about a half mile from the actual filming location of Biggest Loser). 1115-1200 Stretching/Pilates. 1235 Lunch: Carrot Soup, Bean and Rice burrito on whole wheat tortilla with a mixed greens salad. 1:15pm-2:00pm Lecture: Budgeting Calories In and Calories Out. 2:15pm Circuit Class Prep 2:30pm-3:20 Circuit Training...HOLD UP wait a minute, we need to talk about this.

Circuit training is just that, moving throughout the gym alternating cardio and strength training. The Lead Trainer handles the time, it is 2 minutes of cardio as hard as you can go (yes jogging/running because you can) followed by 45 seconds of strength training on machines or free weights, followed by a 30 second rest period and 45 more seconds on the same machine. Continue again and again and again. Circuit Training, especially with Tonia, no joke might have been the hardest work out we have ever had. She starts to count down at 30 second left in the cardio interval and yells that you need to push harder. Pushing harder can be on incline or on speed. What do you think is easier? NEITHER, that's right. And just when we thought it was over because we were in "recovery" she had us go another 90 seconds as hard as we could and if you didn't go hard then you were leaving this class not giving it your all and you would be finishing the day not giving it your all. Longest 90 seconds of my life. Thank you Tonia!

3:30pm-4:30pm Core Training probably just as hard as Circuit Training but focusing on your core which includes pretty much your ENTIRE trunk (ass to shoulders and hips to chest) what a work out...and Betty BARFED. She felt so much better after that. Quick change for the 4:30pm-5:30pm H20 Intervals, pool water was a nice warm bath water temp, the sun was setting and we are floating. NOT SO MUCH...never underestimate a water workout. 5:45 Dinner: Salmon Burger on a sandwich thin (mustard because it can help with cramping)Betty had the dinner alternative of a BOCA Burger, grilled squash, salad bar with counted 1oz salad dressing, and a cranberry granita for dessert.  6:15pm-7:00pm Lecture: Spending Calories Wisely Part 1. 

We are meeting more people. We are getting to know the trainers and we are busting our asses. According to folks who have been here a few weeks, Wednesday morning we will feel like we were in a car accident. There is some intimidation when it comes to what we can do, but we are pushing each other and we are pushing our bodies hard. 

I am having some issues loading my pictures. Sorry, I will work on it. But it is BED TIME!

A little note from B...though, Cara is the blogger, I proofread and add where I think is appropriate. I must say Cara's blog does today no justice. I have never been pushed mentally or physically like this in my entire life. There are no words to describe how life changing this has been and it's only day 1. I told Cara today and now I tell all of you...IF I ever go back to an unhealthy lifestyle....SHOOT ME DIRECTLY BETWEEN MY EYES WITH A LARGE GUN. There is no pain in eating healthy, but the pain felt today has changed my entire outlook on the rest of my life. Worth every cent, second of time, and ounce of sweat and vomit, but HOLY CRAP...I surrender. No more.

A shout out to:

The BL Resort staff. So awesome. Love love Tonia! She makes me feel like I am on the Biggest Loser show. She is hardcore and badass. 

Kelly (Ryan) McCrary...THANK YOU. Your words have helped me more than I can express here. A true inspiration you are to me and I effin love you.

Tomorrow is a new day. Day 2. It's go time, unless I cut my feet off. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Checking-in & Orientation

We're HEEEERRRRRREEEE. We had a really easy drive down from SF. We left at 7am and arrived just after 2pm. Although I have driven through and stayed in SoCal several times, I have never been over these Malibu mountains, it is beautiful, to say the least. When we arrived it was 74 degrees, perfect weather to break a sweat. 

The BLR Staff is awesome, very welcoming and the front lobby guest services staff is so helpful. We checked in, received a workbook, a lanyard (took a little trip back to my old City Year days!) and had our luggage carted to our rooms. There are cabin type rooms situated at the back of the resort, I will be very clear these are mobiles that have been converted to "hotel" like rooms, they are very very clean and nice. Betty and I are in a Jack-n-Jill style room, so we each have our own room and we share a very LARGE bathroom! I have a few photos and will try to get more of the actual resort tomorrow.

We had about 40 minutes to get situated in the rooms and then had WEIGH-IN, measurements and BMI testing. The jury is still out as to weather we will be sharing this info or if you will just get the final numbers. We will keep you posted. 

We met some great staff members and trainers when we were being tested, particularly the BLR life coach Essara, she is a Stanford Cardinal, but we will accept her into our Duck family. She met with a small group of us, myself, Betty, Sandi from Indianapolis, and Kelly from Idaho. And get this Kelly is here for 2 weeks because her sister, Courtney Rainville currently on BL Season 12 won 2 weeks during a show challenge, and gave the two weeks to her sister as a gift! Sister dedication...we LOVE this. Speaking of excitement, when we entered the lobby for our weigh-in we walked right into Jerry BL Season 7, here for a week with his wife and cousin! How awesome is that, so many people as resources to help us push through, immediately at our fingertips.

We then had a little over an hour to unpack and scope things out. On our walk through the gym, Jerry called us over and asked us to take a little walk with him...ON THE TREADMILL! So we took the opportunity and got in a 20 minute walk, still unpacked and at 5:30pm reported to the dinning hall for dinner and our official orientation.

DINNER: Chicken White Bean Chili: a bowl of white bean chili super yumm, with a citrus marinated grilled chicken breast, baked tortilla strips and 1/4 of an avocado. It is served meals, there is a self service salad bar and the kitchen staff brings out the salad dressing (def no ranch dressing here). And water or hot tea ONLY. To finish it all a 2 dark chocolate covered strawberries. Yes, and so perfect in every way!

We then were introduced around the room, there are approximately 56 people here this week. Each person so unique. It was awesome to hear that some people are here for multiple weeks. For several, today is their first day of 2 weeks, so we will be getting to know them well. The amazing part is that there are people from all over the world staying here. Puerto Rico, Canada, Jamaica, Switzerland and from all over the US. There are people who have been here for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, some starting their 4th and last week, but the most amazing story is a woman who once she has completed her stay will have been here for 27 weeks!!! She has lost 55 pounds and 28 inches in the last 16 weeks. Her before picture, which she readily shared with us, was shocking. Her story and for all those who have been here for a few weeks, some returning from previous stays including the Life Coach Essara, who stayed at BLR Utah before starting to work here, all say the same thing...this works!

There are four principles that they will be teaching us: health, fitness, nutrition, and relaxation. All are key factors to losing and maintaining weight loss. So with that said our schedule for the week is full we will be working out and attending lectures, but we have also scheduled some of the more important aspects of overall wellness. This week we will both be seeing acupuncturist and chiropractors for the first time!

There is so much support here and so many resources. We talked a lot about how life changing this would be as well as why we thought this week was so important to us, here is what we have decided: never in our adult lives have we learned what it means to "workout" and take care of ourselves and never would we be able to give it 100%. Today, these next two weeks we get to do that. 100% invested in ourselves and our futures. And we are so thankful for that.

We did some face time with the fam and Betty is writing her paper for doesn't completely stop...and now as we settle in for the night we also have a package from our family, our "village". We have not opened it yet, but here is what the outside letter reads: 
" To Two Biggest Losers! Your fans are with you all the way. Here is a little something to let you know we are cheering for you from home. {with specific instructions} DO NOT open until after dinner tonight. And save a little for everyday."

 Good Night from Malibu. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Time

As we pack and prepare for our 7 am dearture, there are a few things we need to share and some thank you's we need to get out there before we leave. 

To our Village; Mom, Dad, Ryan, Monica, Nicole, Steven and (my babies)Brock and Sylas, thank you. Thank you for allowing these 2 weeks to come and the preparations to happen. Thank you for preparing to change your habits when we get back. This is a lifelong journey that will make us stronger and keep us together longer. 

To all of our friends and family and friends who are our family, we truly appreciate all of the encouraging words and the support that we know we can fall back on. To the Garcia Family and the Jackson Family, we know that your support for our partners while we are gone and your support to all of us when we return will be unwavering.  To our friends and our family at AMR, we thank you for all of your kindness and your encouragement, returning to work with your support will be so important on this journey.

To the customer service staff at Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge, what an awesome group of people. You have all been so helpful and have helped us prepare so much more. Thank you, Shayley for helping Ryan plan this out as my birthday gift. It truly was the step we needed to push us to go.

And lastly, as we have started this journey we have already found that there is a huge social network of support. If you are looking for accountability and if you are struggling there is a huge health and fitness world on Twitter (@that1momma & @bettyandthecity)and Facebook. To those that have contacted us with words of encouragement or are going through this with us, thank you for following.

Although, both of us are fighting off some colds, when I asked Betty if we should postpone a week she said, F&@# NO! My thoughts exactly. The next post from us will be from MALIBU.

Love to you all.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Betty: This is so much more than oatmeal and ellipticals. {Part 2}

To those of you reading, thank you. Also, to my friends and family, there may be some things you read here that you never knew about me. This is hard to put out there, but I appreciate your unconditional love and support more than words can express.

To those of you that don't know me well...I am a proud native San Franciscan, a sister, a daughter, a partner, an aunt, a friend, a paramedic, a devoted reality TV fan, a sparkling water drinker, a Taurus, a professional texter, a lover of sleep and a person in need of a huge change.

So why the blog...why tell you any of this? Accountability. This will not be easy. I need all the support I can get.

My weight. What can I say...I live big. Big personality, big laughs, big goals. And there's always been a big waste band. I have been blessed with family and friends that love me unconditionally and without that I don't think I would be who I am now, however, I suffer from obesity. A disease completely preventable. I rarely let on that I have issues with my weight as I am a fairly confident about the person that I am. I try to be a good person and take pride in my integrity, loyalty and public service. I vowed to myself when I was young that I would make an impact on the people that come into my life and the work that I do. That vow, however didn't include a 300 pound impact. I admit I am an emotional eater. Food makes me happy and takes all the problems least for a little while which then just requires more food. Before I know it, I am 31 and unhealthy. A little bigger than most people, weight has been part of my entire life. I managed to be one of those "healthier overweight" people most of my twenties, gaining slowly. I lost and gained lots of weight many times. I don't believe there was one definitive moment that pushed me overboard, but the struggle clearly became harder. I began suffering from anxiety. Anxiety about everything I could not control which impacted the things I could weight. I lose sleep and feel exhausted the next day. I worry and stress about so many things. Work and school and family. Are my sisters happy? Are my parents happy? How can I take away the things that they struggle with so they can be happy? I get anxious about their futures and ironically, their health. I worry about bad things happening to them. I worry that I won't be there when they need me. Am I ever going to be done with school? Who's watching the kids? What certifications are expiring soon that I need to renew? Am I doing a good enough job at work? Most of these concerns are normal for people, but the difference is I eat to deal with my anxiety. More than just losing weight and living a healthy life, I must focus on the root causes of my problems. This is so much more than oatmeal and ellipticals. It's finding peace and contentment with who I am and what I do and understanding there are things beyond my control. 

It's time to take control of my life and I am done with this shit. Done shopping in the phat girl section, done being self-conscious, done not having my outside look like the person inside and done dying. It's time to live.

I am a fan of the Biggest Loser. The show and the people connected to the show inspire regular people like me to get off their asses and make a change. Sometimes that change needs a swift kick to get in gear so I talked my sister into trying out for the Biggest Loser show which we did not make, however whether we made the show or not, change was on the horizon. Cara's birthday sparked it (Thank you, RDG). We spent one afternoon going back and forth about plans and dates and booked our 2 week stay at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, CA. It is time to spend 2 weeks on ourselves. We will work harder than our hardest day and learn lessons more valuable than any lesson learned before. We will return on December 10, 2011 to our busy lives filled with long days, kids and school, but there is no going back. Nothing will be the same ever again. I recognize, for me, this is a lifestyle change. I will always have to be aware and responsible for my health and choices. It's go time.

Two weeks. Our phat chance.

A few shout out's...

Nicole (aka Noochie, Auntie McCool), I wish you were coming with us. You are as much a part of this journey as anyone. The dedication you have to your health is an inspiration. I have my own personal trainer with you beside me. I love you more every day of my life.

Kian, I wish you were with us. You inspire me every day to work harder. I will teach you everything we learn.

Nani...I carry your heart. I carry your heart in my heart. Thank you for loving me.

Mommy...Thank you for believing in me even when I don't. I can't say anything else without crying.

Murr (aka Cara)...sister, this is it. This is our phat chance. We have invested in our lives and it's time. Though we each have our own struggles to overcome, I am honored to do this with you. I am your #1 fan and will push you to the ends of the Earth. I love you more than bread and butter, yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sleeping til noon. Here we go.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Two overweight sisters. Two weeks. Chance of a lifetime. {Part One}

This is a blog for me, for you, for anyone who struggles with their weight. This is a blog about 2 sisters, Brianne (aka Betty) and Cara. This is about our journey from being overweight to being HEALTHY. Not skinny, but fit and healthy. Most of this blog will be written by Cara, but the stories are from the both of us. Together we are on an adventure that will make this life even more exciting.

How it all started: Part One.

In October, I turned 30, overweight and 30! I was not always this weight. After 2 kids and the challenge of loving a job that required I sit for 12 hour shifts, I gained and gained and did little to change that. My weight became an issue when I started college in 2000 and was no longer playing a team sport. I gained about 90 lbs since then, lost about 30 when I got married in 2005, and then I did nothing to keep that weight or the additional 15 that came back with it off. This last year I said I would lose weight before my birthday. I had tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Couch 2 5K. I watched myself lose a few pounds here and a few pounds there, but nothing impressive. I decided there must be something wrong with me. Nope. Nothing. Not one thing...I just like food and I don't move my body enough. OK so that's two things right there. My biggest problem is that I don't stick to anything and I really want a quick fix, that even I know doesn't exist.

Then ENTER Biggest Loser Sister Team Olivia and Hannah from Season 11. What an amazing transformation. They are beautiful and committed to each other. They became an inspiration to Betty. She got on this kick that she and I could be Season 13's Sister Team. So Betty and I blasted the BLCastingTeam on Twitter, got V.I.P passes to the Season 13 casting call in L.A. We drove all night, gussied up, and the casting interview was over in 10 minutes flat. Such a disappointment. We said that if we don't get called to the show we would do it on our own. That was 3 months ago. As I started getting harder and harder on myself and yet trying to give Betty tips on getting motivated, I told my husband (Ryan) I needed to focus on getting healthy in my 30th year.

And so I give him the credit, on my 30th birthday, which was hands-down the BEST birthday EVER, he wrote me a card (actually two) and told me that he was my biggest support and that "he will be here to help me usher in this new decade and together we will actualize our goals for a healthier journey." I know BEST hubby ever and a really good writer. In my second card of the day, there was a small printed certificate that indicated I had a down payment for a stay at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Malibu.

FREAK OUT. Calm down. Betty is going with you!