Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 2: November 29

{DAY 2: Gratitude and Commitment}
0600 Stretch (optional, but we don't miss it)
0700 Breakfast: banana muffins (2) with mixed fruit
0745 Hike Descriptions and Departure: Leo Carrillo Beach Hike
1115 Stretch
1225 Lunch: Turkey Sandwich and Parsnip Soup
1300 Calorie Challenge
1330 Lecture: Cooking Demo 
1430 Total Toning w/ John and Carla
1530 Cardio Interval w/ Carla
1630 H2O Intervals w/ John
1730 Dinner: Veggie Lasagna and Mixed veggies and Key Lime Pie 
1815 Lecture: Spending Your Calories Wisely Part 2 w/ Jessica

Well, we conquered day 2. CHEERS!!! HOORAY!!! This is only day 2, calm down, we have a lot more work.  It is funny how all of a sudden we aren't traveling between buildings as quickly as we were yesterday. We are sweating more and that's a great thing! We are becoming more engaged with other guests and trainers, the thing we decided is so important not only from the other guests but also from the staff is to hear their stories. The why, how and their successes. It gives us hope, it helps us through the rough patches knowing that even if they are here because they are passionate about health, they are here because it is a way of life that we too can have.

Tonight, I met a woman from Switzerland, she is a mechanical engineer and she is here because it was time for her to take a break for herself.  I can relate, I am here because I need to invest 100% of my time on me. I need to take this break from reality to think about where I want to be and how I want to feel, because prior to coming here I was not happy with who I was. Today, in the Total Toning class in which it is clear that Trainer John could give Jillian Micheal's a run for her money, I loved it! I stood there with weights and Bosu balls and medicine balls and thought why isn't this a regular part of my life? Sure, Carla and John had a great circuit using all of the equipment, but the real challenge came at the end when Jilli...I mean John had us hold dumbbells at a 90 degree angle while holding a squat for a long time and then added several the point that you actually wish you had taken that pee break because you might shit your pants!

Aside from me, I am happy to say that Betty is doing really well. I am so proud of her. Not only is she really pushing herself, she is hiking, she hates hiking, but has completed 2 so far. She also met with the Life Coach, Essara. Tonight, there will be an additional posting by Betty (aka Brianne) as homework. Being here is about the whole self. The health, fitness, relaxation and WELLNESS. I also had my first acupuncture session tonight. Working as a dispatcher in front of computers for 12 hour shifts has taken a huge toll on my shoulders and neck. I have wanted to try acupuncture for a while and thought why not try it here. Taking care of ourselves, that is why we are here. 

We are so lucky to have several past Biggest Loser contestants joining us over the next 2 weeks. This week we have Jerry and Estella from Season 7. They are an older couple, but so smart and fit and just kind people. They were where we are, they have made changes and they support everyone. Today, we had a great opportunity to talk about the future. To think about and say to others what we think needs to happen in 2 weeks. This is day 2 of intense focused hard work...what will we be doing on day 2 of our return? It is a question that we are visualizing and thinking about all of the time. We have resources here, trainers, staff, other guests who we can say are now our friends. Here are some pictures from the amazing hike today...

Yes, we can still smile!


  1. Awsome! Woot woot!
    A lot of potty talk between the two of you today! Time to strengthen some other muscles it looks like!
    Keep up the awsome work! Thinking of u as I watch Biggest Loser and balling my eyes out! Yes....I think it IS coming down to PMS...but none the less I am totally enjoying your entries to your blog!
    Keep the strength and tell Bri...the bugs won't eat much! Lol!

  2. Hi! I'm enjoying reading your blog. My husband and I will be visiting the ranch for 2 weeks starting on 12/18. We're anxious and excited about this adventure and am looking forward to your posts about your experience. Stay strong and enjoy! Stephanie

  3. You girls are so incredibly strong and courageous for doing this. And there is nothing like having your sister by your side in vulnerable moments like these. Its so very hard to truly look inward and evaluate yourself internally, which sounds like a huge part of this proccess. Thinking of you daily. Looking forward to seeing you both soon.
    Love, Kim (and Matt too)