Tuesday, April 14, 2015

PHAT TUESDAY: Millionaire Motivation

by Cara
excerpts from SUCCESS Blog by Jordan Fried

Personal development is more than reading books,  listening to audio or taking this Wellness Coaching course. It is taking what I am learning and putting it into ACTION. It is so easy to learn something and then forget it, or set it to the back burner for when you might need to use that skill or demonstrate the thinking. I have had to put into practice EVERYDAY my ability to maintain and improve my health and fitness. It was a learned behavior that came over time and now is a regular action and mind set.

What makes me different from YOU? This is my greatest question right now. I want to help so many people and yet there is this huge disconnect from what we say we WANT or what we say we will DO and what we actually DO. It is critical to make ourselves do things everyday that we do not want to do, because it is in that that we will find success.

I share a quote often, "If running is hard, run MORE. This applies to everything." So here I am on this quiet morning, starting off my planned personal development, logging in to read from my favorite mentor, Darren Hardy. This includes SUCCESS Blog, and I find that I am reading about Millionaires. Do I want to be a millionaire? Who doesn't?! Do I believe I can be one? No, but that is changing, quickly.

The lessons that are being shared in this short article are things that I have read about before (did I mention Personal Development is something I am doing DAILY) but here are the 9 Lessons from 9 Millionaires, all in one article. And I am FIRED UP. I am ready to do all of these things and more. You can read more in depth from the article, "9 Things I Learned from Talking to 9 Millionaire" by Jordan Fried. (Number 7 is my favorite!)

Lesson 1.You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Make sure they are the right ones.
Lesson 2. Money in itself will not make you happy. But money can buy you the freedom to do the things that do make you happy. Whether you have $20 or $20 million you can be happy right now.
Lesson 3. Tony Robins said "It's not about the goal. It's about becoming the person that can accomplish the goal." The journey is far more valuable than the destination.
Lesson 4. Get a mentor so you can start growing.  With their advice--you will learn best practices, you'll be challenged, you'll be better prepared to succeed.
Lesson 5. Like to learn. Stay teachable.
Lesson 6. Two (or three or four) income sources are better than one. Be laser focused on one source and once you reach a level of stability then you can diversify.
Lesson 7. Hate the gym? Well, learn to hate it a little less. There is a correlation between breaking down barriers in the gym and breaking them down in your business and in your mind!
Lesson 8. Read--a lot. 
Lesson 9. Write down your experiences. If it moves you in anyway write it down.

There is so much to look at in life and in how we look at our goals. What I have found is the harder I workout the harder I work outside of that. The more confident I am and the harder I push in so many other goals. I will be honest I took last week OFF, like way OFF. No workouts, poor nutrition. And I am feeling it. I feel it on my body and on my mind. As I now try to refocus this week, I am struggling because my mind is not in it. But I just finished 2 workouts and I can feel my head getting back into it.

"If someone was attacking your life, would you be ready?" 
-Shaun T.