Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Time

As we pack and prepare for our 7 am dearture, there are a few things we need to share and some thank you's we need to get out there before we leave. 

To our Village; Mom, Dad, Ryan, Monica, Nicole, Steven and (my babies)Brock and Sylas, thank you. Thank you for allowing these 2 weeks to come and the preparations to happen. Thank you for preparing to change your habits when we get back. This is a lifelong journey that will make us stronger and keep us together longer. 

To all of our friends and family and friends who are our family, we truly appreciate all of the encouraging words and the support that we know we can fall back on. To the Garcia Family and the Jackson Family, we know that your support for our partners while we are gone and your support to all of us when we return will be unwavering.  To our friends and our family at AMR, we thank you for all of your kindness and your encouragement, returning to work with your support will be so important on this journey.

To the customer service staff at Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge, what an awesome group of people. You have all been so helpful and have helped us prepare so much more. Thank you, Shayley for helping Ryan plan this out as my birthday gift. It truly was the step we needed to push us to go.

And lastly, as we have started this journey we have already found that there is a huge social network of support. If you are looking for accountability and if you are struggling there is a huge health and fitness world on Twitter (@that1momma & @bettyandthecity)and Facebook. To those that have contacted us with words of encouragement or are going through this with us, thank you for following.

Although, both of us are fighting off some colds, when I asked Betty if we should postpone a week she said, F&@# NO! My thoughts exactly. The next post from us will be from MALIBU.

Love to you all.

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  1. GOOD LUCK! And what awsome attitudes! I hope though your colds will not get the better of you two while you are there.
    Love you both and wish you ALL THE BEST!!!!