Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 3: Wednesday, November 30


0600 Stretch w/ Cameron
0700 Breakfast: Hot Muesli w/ fruit
0745 Hike Descriptions & Departure
0800 Hike: Point Dume about 4 miles in sand and on stairs and switch backs
1115 Stretch w/ Cameron
1215 Lunch: Beet Soup and Turkey Meatloaf w/ veggies
1315 Lecture: Emotional Eating
1430 Kickboxing w/ Carla
1530 Mountain w/ John
1630 H2O Intervals
1730 Dinner: Chicken "tostada" Salad and Mango Sorbet
1815 Lecture: Intuitive Eating

FANTASTIC DAY! We all woke up with dread, pain and uncertainty if we could make it through today. And it was important that we realize that today was 100% mental. Yes, we had a lot of pushing to do, but if our body was screaming no and stop we had to focus on the head and listen to the YES YOU CAN! (thanks Kasey, for your message this morning.) 

Point Dume was an awesome hike, think Daryl Hannah in 10, or the last Mercedes commercial you saw and you will know where we were. We started out walking the sand on the beach, then moved to asphalt, we then hit stairs on a switch back and they were also mostly sand. But the view and the people and the hike guides got us through it. 

Today, we had two lectures about Emotional Eating and Intuitive eating. Brianne will be sharing more on this in her additional post tonight. But what I need to say about this is something that I just thought was something I could control, something that was wrong with me because "I LOVE FOOD", but today I learned that I am actually classified as an eating disorder...My Name is Cara, and I am an OVEREATER. There are a lot of things that I need to learn. Portion control is a minor part of that, but I need to figure out why I eat until I am sick and uncomfortable. And I should be able to figure that out here.

We had a new class that neither Betty nor I had ever participated in and that was Kickboxing...hello Kickboxing, we are 2 sisters that would like to kick ass everyday and we can do that with gloves and bags and Carla is an awesome trainer!We also had an class called MOUNTAIN, and it is just that you pick a mountain and climb. John was our trainer on this. Each person picks the cardio machine they think will push them the hardest and for the next 45 minutes you increase incline or resistance every 3 minutes twelve times. By the time I finished I was at a gear 13 and pushing the stationary bike at 22 mph. and held that for 3 minutes!!! It is a shock, yes, but I knew I had it in me all along. Betty was on the NuStep a very cool elliptical like machine, she showed it who's boss!

In the end today was AWESOME. It really is about COMMITMENT not only to these 2 weeks, but beyond. The key to remember is that this is for a lifetime, not just the weeks that we are here.  

OOOHHHHH I almost forgot...yesterday I had acupuncture for the first time and tonight I met with the chiropractor. Both were awesome and were to help alleviate my neck and shoulder pain from working in front of computers for the last 6 years....I feel like a new woman tonight. I had my back and NECK cracked, I actually was afraid to move, I thought I was done for, but the neck pain is GONE!!! AMEN to that!

I am still having photo issues. I promise there will be more as of tomorrow, thanks to my new friend Heather teaching me about PhotoStream. But for now, off to bed.

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