Sunday, November 27, 2011

Checking-in & Orientation

We're HEEEERRRRRREEEE. We had a really easy drive down from SF. We left at 7am and arrived just after 2pm. Although I have driven through and stayed in SoCal several times, I have never been over these Malibu mountains, it is beautiful, to say the least. When we arrived it was 74 degrees, perfect weather to break a sweat. 

The BLR Staff is awesome, very welcoming and the front lobby guest services staff is so helpful. We checked in, received a workbook, a lanyard (took a little trip back to my old City Year days!) and had our luggage carted to our rooms. There are cabin type rooms situated at the back of the resort, I will be very clear these are mobiles that have been converted to "hotel" like rooms, they are very very clean and nice. Betty and I are in a Jack-n-Jill style room, so we each have our own room and we share a very LARGE bathroom! I have a few photos and will try to get more of the actual resort tomorrow.

We had about 40 minutes to get situated in the rooms and then had WEIGH-IN, measurements and BMI testing. The jury is still out as to weather we will be sharing this info or if you will just get the final numbers. We will keep you posted. 

We met some great staff members and trainers when we were being tested, particularly the BLR life coach Essara, she is a Stanford Cardinal, but we will accept her into our Duck family. She met with a small group of us, myself, Betty, Sandi from Indianapolis, and Kelly from Idaho. And get this Kelly is here for 2 weeks because her sister, Courtney Rainville currently on BL Season 12 won 2 weeks during a show challenge, and gave the two weeks to her sister as a gift! Sister dedication...we LOVE this. Speaking of excitement, when we entered the lobby for our weigh-in we walked right into Jerry BL Season 7, here for a week with his wife and cousin! How awesome is that, so many people as resources to help us push through, immediately at our fingertips.

We then had a little over an hour to unpack and scope things out. On our walk through the gym, Jerry called us over and asked us to take a little walk with him...ON THE TREADMILL! So we took the opportunity and got in a 20 minute walk, still unpacked and at 5:30pm reported to the dinning hall for dinner and our official orientation.

DINNER: Chicken White Bean Chili: a bowl of white bean chili super yumm, with a citrus marinated grilled chicken breast, baked tortilla strips and 1/4 of an avocado. It is served meals, there is a self service salad bar and the kitchen staff brings out the salad dressing (def no ranch dressing here). And water or hot tea ONLY. To finish it all a 2 dark chocolate covered strawberries. Yes, and so perfect in every way!

We then were introduced around the room, there are approximately 56 people here this week. Each person so unique. It was awesome to hear that some people are here for multiple weeks. For several, today is their first day of 2 weeks, so we will be getting to know them well. The amazing part is that there are people from all over the world staying here. Puerto Rico, Canada, Jamaica, Switzerland and from all over the US. There are people who have been here for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, some starting their 4th and last week, but the most amazing story is a woman who once she has completed her stay will have been here for 27 weeks!!! She has lost 55 pounds and 28 inches in the last 16 weeks. Her before picture, which she readily shared with us, was shocking. Her story and for all those who have been here for a few weeks, some returning from previous stays including the Life Coach Essara, who stayed at BLR Utah before starting to work here, all say the same thing...this works!

There are four principles that they will be teaching us: health, fitness, nutrition, and relaxation. All are key factors to losing and maintaining weight loss. So with that said our schedule for the week is full we will be working out and attending lectures, but we have also scheduled some of the more important aspects of overall wellness. This week we will both be seeing acupuncturist and chiropractors for the first time!

There is so much support here and so many resources. We talked a lot about how life changing this would be as well as why we thought this week was so important to us, here is what we have decided: never in our adult lives have we learned what it means to "workout" and take care of ourselves and never would we be able to give it 100%. Today, these next two weeks we get to do that. 100% invested in ourselves and our futures. And we are so thankful for that.

We did some face time with the fam and Betty is writing her paper for doesn't completely stop...and now as we settle in for the night we also have a package from our family, our "village". We have not opened it yet, but here is what the outside letter reads: 
" To Two Biggest Losers! Your fans are with you all the way. Here is a little something to let you know we are cheering for you from home. {with specific instructions} DO NOT open until after dinner tonight. And save a little for everyday."

 Good Night from Malibu. 


  1. Love this!!! And love you both! So excited for you girls! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! xxoo

  2. You both are an inspiration! Wishing you all the best and have fun at chiropractor and acupuncturist!