Sunday, May 19, 2013

This is NOT a Race

We are 18 months into our weight loss journey. 

It seems to be getting harder. Although we know EVERYTHING....what works and what doesn't, what we need to eat and what we shouldn't, life keeps moving on. We are finding more and more things to inspire us. We Instagram it (#PhatChanes), we Facebook it....heck we talk about this journey to anyone who wants to listen, the jeweler that is sizing a wedding ring we haven't worn since Christmas, the nice lady at the soup counter asking if we know about nutrition ...OH I KNOW ABOUT NUTRITION.

And yet the fire is smoldering. Day after day looking to reach a goal and day after day sometimes it is the same and sometimes it is creeping in the wrong direction. But everyday looking in the mirror and being reminded just how far we have come, because truth is we will NEVER go back. There are HUGE non-scale victories that we do celebrate, a new clothing size, weights and squats we couldn't do before, a calorie burn that makes us feel accomplished. These are all good things. 

Today is a fun run in San Francisco, the 102nd Annual Bay to Breakers about 9 miles straight across this amazing city. We have never actually run in B2B, although today would have been one heck of a run, the weather is PERFECT. Bay to Breakers is not a race, people dress in costumes or in nothing, build teams and there is a lot of drinking along the way. Marathons are not races either, you just want to finish. 

So today we are encouraging anyone who is on this journey to remind yourself, THIS (weight loss journey, fit LIFE) IS NOT A RACE. 


*We would like to apologize for the lack of Blog Posts. More updates to come, like the 18 month stats and photos.*

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