Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 11: December 8

I honestly think that Thursday is one of the tougher days. There is no end in sight. The hike seems a little harder and the afternoon classes seem to push you beyond what you think you can do. Thursday is all about the mental game you play with your fitness level.

0600 NO Stretch...we were just too tired
0700 Breakfast: Eggs and Turkey bacon w/ soy cheese sandwich on whole wheat english muffin w/ fruit
0745 Hike Descriptions & Departure
0800 Hike: Cara (Van 3) Point Dume Betty (Van 2) Malibu Springs
1115 Gym w/ Cameron (AWESOME!!!)
1215 Lunch: Sloppy Joe, cauliflower curry soup, mixed greens
1315 There was a lecture, but we had a discussion group w/ Tara (Season 7), Sione (Season 7) Bernie (Season5)
1430 Treading w/ Sione
1530 Ball Works w/ Katina
1630 Total Body H2O w/ Sione
1730 Stuffed chicken w/ wild rice and mixed veggies, dessert Tiramisu
1815 Menu Planning w/ Jessica

We are getting closer to the end of our stay here. It was emotional coming here, emotional being here and emotional to leave here. Tonight we have already had to say some good-byes to some of the trainers that won't be here the rest of the weekend. They are people who have pushed us and motivated us to places we really honestly didn't know existed. We are beyond grateful for the kick in the ass they had given us. And we will remember these last 2 weeks forever. Someday, we will return here, as new people ready for the next step of maintenance or maybe if we fall off and need the reminder of how we feel right now. 

The hiking really is amazing, the scenery and the fresh crisp air is a great start to the day. I am amazed at the energy that can be exerted on a hike and I know that it is something I will do for a long time to come. We also had Treading again today. This is not treading water...treading is a cardio class that takes you fast then allows a recovery. It really is the best kind of cardio out there. Both Betty and I chose to do this class on the treadmill. For 5 mins we went as fast as we could, then recovered for 5 do this at 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins and 1 minute. The recovery period is awesome and I found that we both are recovering much faster than last week. We were not finished at 1 minute, Sione was teaching this class and had us do four 30-second sprints right when we thought we were done. Talk about a kick in the butt. But Sione is an awesome trainer, if you ever have the chance to work with him do it. He works out of the Utah Resort, and is here visiting for the week! Lucky us.
I haven't really been commenting on the food, but I need to tell you all about how awesome the last 2 dinners have been. Last night we had salmon fillet with orzo pasta and asparagus. It was so flavorful and seriously delicious. Tonight we had a stuffed chicken breast (stuffed with tomato, onion, pine nuts, a little Parmesan and basil) topped with a little marinara with wild rice and herb steamed veggies, another masterpiece by Chef Rodolfo! I know I haven't talked a lot about food, but that is probably because it is not necessarily why we are here. We are here for the education and the health. And we eat 3 times a day, this blog would be filled with food, and well we need it filled with FITNESS!!!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Fun. Fantastic. Friday!!! Amazing how quickly this has all gone. We will of course be attending John's Cardio Disco Jam again and finishing our day with water volleyball with Cameron. Looking forward to getting home too. I miss my boy's and my hubby. And we both miss our family very much. Looking forward to what will come with all of this amazing knowledge we now have.

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