Saturday, December 24, 2011

Coming Soon~Food for Thought

by Cara

As soon as I can breath from the Holiday mayhem I will be posting some of our favorite recipes.I love cooking and in my house with the hubby, 2 kids, my parents and usually our younger sister and her boyfriend, I am cooking for 8 people. I have learned the difference in feeding 8 verses feeding the AMRY I used to (pre-BL Resort). I am now following recipes or changing up some old favorites and only cooking for 8. On the plus side our mom states that in the two weeks we have been home and she is eating my cooking she has lost 3 pounds!!! Way to go Momma!

Betty has been cooking things up in the kitchen too. She is not as detailed and experimental as I am, but from what I have heard from Monica she has been cooking every night and it is very YUMMY!

So for all types of cooks look out in the next week we will be sharing recipes and nutrician tips we have learned not only at the Biggest Loser Resort Malibu, but also at home.

Enjoy your holidays. Remember it is ONE CHOICE at a time and be MINDFUL.

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