Monday, December 19, 2011

Let the Holiday's Begin

We survived our first week home. And in one week we survived a work party with an open bar and a family party with lil' smokies in a bath of barbecue sauce. We feel AWESOME!

I am sure it is because we are still on a super high from being at The Biggest Loser Ranch at Fitness Ridge Malibu. This week has been filled with reliving what we have learned, talking about our favorite trainers, our hardest work outs, and our successes. There is part of me that believes that we will feel this way for a long time simply because there are so many people who want to learn from us.

We had some hurdles this week that we knew were coming and we prepared for. Here are some of our tips and tricks to getting through the holiday parties, because let's be honest Christmas Day is not December 15 it is the 25th. And yet it seems that we are celebrating ALL month long. It comes down to self discipline and your TEAM of support, the people who are making different food for you, checking in on your work outs, and making sure you are keeping it together emotionally. Betty (reminder is my sister Brianne) and I have an amazing TEAM and we want to share with you just how awesome they are. 

{Our TEAM}
Big Vic Cruz: our workout partner who lives in San Diego, but texts us and sends us pictures when he is headed out to the gym. He also asks us what we are doing for our workout each day.

Uncle Matt & Auntie Debbie: made spaghetti squash and a veggie packed marinara for our Italian themed family dinner. Yes there still was cheesy lasagna and buttery garlic bread but our veggie option was AMAZING.

Our beautiful cousins: Meghan, Kelly, and Kasey you three are inspirations to us. You are all very active and look amazing. Your kind words inspire us and we thank you. 

Our GIRLS from BLR: Kelly Mc, Meg, Heather, Courtney, Amanda, and Sandi thank you so much for your Tweets, FB check-ins and easy access to pick your brain even mid-morning or late evening. Friends on this journey are so important.

Our Village (our parents, my hubby Ryan, Betty's partner Monica, our sister Nicole, and Steven): thank you for loving our Biggest Loser Recipes and making such big changes in your lives. We are forever grateful that you all are on board with us.

{Tips & Tricks}
The Work Party: started at 6pm and was open bar and finger foods. We ate dinner prior to arriving and had gum on hand, we also were able to stay away from the food table as it was in an enclosed room away from the bar and music.  We had already agreed that we were not going to drink alcohol because there were a lot of work people we had not seen and wanted to catch up with. We drank seltzer with a squeeze of lime. And we had a GREAT time.

The Ryan Family Christmas Party: started at 2pm was Italian Themed and  was potluck style and BYOB. There were about 35 people. We also had prepared ahead of time knowing we would have our Uncle Shane's Minestrone soup and a green salad and then Uncle Matt informed us that he had made an entire separate veggie option for us! Betty made a HUGE veggie tray with greek yogurt ranch dip and Trader Joe's white bean hummus. There was also an antipasto tray with some peppers, roasted garlic and olives (we stayed away from the cheeses and the various meats). Betty brought sparkling water and I had a half of a vodka tonic. Oh and our Aunt Lori made Sugar Free brownies (150 cals each) and plated them with raspberries and cool whip, we really do have a great family!

I think it was our trainer John and maybe even Tonia that reminded us that we don't celebrate holidays everyday of the year, maybe 4 or 5 days each year. ENJOY them. Knowing that you need to get a workout in that day or work hard the next, either way it is not a bad thing to ENJOY the holidays!

Dec. 12-18: I met my goal of 3 work outs. I tracked and ate approximately 1600 cals a day everyday including our party days. IT PAID OFF: I lost another 5.5 pounds. TOTAL loss: 15.5 pounds/3 weeks!

This week: I will do the same. 3 work outs, 1600 cals a day. But on Sunday I will be enjoying Christmas dinner with a glass of wine and although I will watch my portions I am not worried about calculating the calories. 

Betty did not weigh in yesterday, her scale is not working...but she looks FANTASTIC! She is happier and making huge changes including COOKING, which Monica informed me was the best part. And as we have been learning it is not the number on the scale that measures success it is how we feel before during and after our workouts or in how we carry ourselves. Betty, I am so proud of you and so glad we are on this journey together!
Merry Christmas EVERYONE!


  1. YOU TWO INSPIRE ME OODLES!! Way to be! I am seriously so thankful to be in your support group and have you in mine!! Here's to life on the healthier more active side!! LOVE YOU LADIES!!

  2. Yeah! I'm so happy for both of you! You are doing great! Keep making those good choices!