Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Journey Continues

As we finish up our Saturday morning and do laundry and prepare for graduation, we are feeling the emotions of leaving here. The emotions of going home and doing this all on our own.

We didn't have a post yesterday (Friday, December 9) we had an amazing evening filled with inspiration. We were very lucky to be here at the Ridge these last 2 weeks with several former Biggest Loser contestants. Last week we had the opportunity to learn from Jerry & Estella, the at home winners from season 7. And this week, we like to call it "Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Celebrity Week", we met, spoke to and worked hard with Sione Fa (7), Tara Costa (7), Twins Don & Dan Evans (11), Sarah Nitta (11), Courtney Crozier (11), Arthur Wornum (11) and Bernie Salazar (5). We have had the chance to hear from all of them. We have talked one-on-one with them and we have been challenged by them in our workouts. And when they tell us that if they could do it we could do it...we are really starting to believe in them and in ourselves! Last night we had a long dinner because we heard Sarah, Sione, and Arthur's stories. We saw their rawest moments in photos and heard their story. If you think they are amazing because you have seen them on the show, their lives continue to amaze and their journey never is really over. At the end of the session all the BL Stars stood in front of the dinning hall and allowed the floor to be open for questions. But they also shared some of their most important mantras and beliefs. Here are a few of them:

Eat less. Move more. -Jillian Micheals (as told by Don and Dan)

It only takes a split second to change your mind. - Courtney Crozier

Positive Mental Attitude. - Tara Costa

It's not impossible...I'm possible. - Tara Costa

Get your mind in the right place and your body will follow. - Arthur Wornum

Believe in yourself. Trust the process. Change forever.  - Jerry Hayes

Tough times don't last. Tough people do. - Unknown

We are packing up tonight. Preparing for our return home. Today, Ryan, our mom Charlene, my father-in-law Larry and my two children surprised us to help celebrate our graduation. Sylas was very tired and it was clear he was not happy, Brock was his social self, hugging everyone and even kissing Tara Costa (wish I got a picture of that one). Having them here was such a blessing. A reminder how lucky I am as a mother and wife and for both of us a reminder that our family is 100% supportive. We will keep this blog going as a tool to share our on going journey and to keep in touch with all of the trainers, staff and friends we have made in the last two weeks. Relationships we will cherish forever.

Here are a few collages of the last two weeks. Thank you all for following our journey.

Our Friends.

Our Trainers and Guides.

Hiking Trips.

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