Sunday, December 4, 2011

Everyday I'm shufflin'...(can't get this song out of my head)

Today we weighed in. I woke up this morning and put on a jacket that used to be a little tight around my muffin top (aka hefty middle abdomen area), but today it was slightly loose. The scale is the devil. It messes with your mind and depending on the outcome, can ruin all your motivation. I worked really hard this week and though, I honestly could care less what the scale says, I wanted to see my hard work pay off. I lost 12 pounds this week. Twelve pounds. I feel proud of myself and I know that what I am doing is working. Trust the process.

Sunday is a day of rest at the Resort, but after breakfast we decided to do a yoga class with Jake. This was my first yoga class ever and though I was dripping sweat and burned 1500 calories, it was awesome. I can see myself starting yoga regularly. My balance is awful so a couple sessions at home with help before venturing out with our friends and yoga master lovelies, Dylan and Jonna.
I came back to the room and slept for several hours. Cara woke me up for lunch which involved a cheese stick. It was the BEST cheese stick I have ever had. It's the little things, right?

Dinner started at 5:30pm with all the new guests. In addition to new guests, it's like a Biggest Loser Resort Celebrity Week. There are 5 former Biggest Loser contestants here and I am star struck. 

Sione Fa Season #7
Sarah Nitta Season #11
Arthur Wornum #11
Courtney Crozier #11
Tara Costa Season #7

I have watched the show for many seasons and have found inspiration from all of them. They all have such amazing stories and have fought for their lives. They are regular people just like me that have made the choice to take control and live. I am so excited to start this week with them and will be a sponge to all the information they share with me. 

Tara Costa is one of the strongest, boldest women I have ever looked up to and I really could not believe it when she walked in. She has inspired me since the moment I saw her on the show. She is raw and honest. There is no bullshit. Just hard work and an unwavering determination I want to find within myself this next week. It's go time baby. 

Week #2 here we come.

Shout out's:
To my sweet Kelly are such a gift. Your hard work this past week motivates me to work that much harder this week. We got this Potate! 

Sione, Courtney, Arthur, Sarah, and are amazing people that give me hope during the darkest times. Thank you in advance for this week. I know it will be epic. Thank you for the gear. You have such a big heart and always lift me up when I see you.  Check out her website. Skip something. Feed a child. I am skipping all of my emotional eating.

Meg...Thank you for always making me feel special. There are few people like you in this world and I am honored to call you a friend. 

Tips of the day:

No matter how tired you are, you always have more in you.

Yoga is no joke and should be attempted by all. 

Be open to meeting everyone. There is a spark inside all of us that should be shared. Embrace your fellow peeps.

Grape Nuts make a great pie crust. Who knew?


  1. LOVE YOU GIRL! You push me and motivate me soooo much! God is Good! Look at all the amazing people he just put together for a couple weeks in time! I am seriously the most blessed girl in all the land! Thank you "Danielle" ;)

  2. Woot Woot!!! 12 pounds is AWSOME in one week!!
    WOW!!! I am impressed!!
    But question....what kind of yoga did you do that you burned 1500 cals? Bikram? Hot yoga? Or Vinyasa Flow Yoga? Curious minds would like to know!!
    Good luck on this next week of challenges! You two are like old pros now, I think you got this week in the bag!!
    LOve ya!!

  3. Although I haven't commented on every blog, I have read them all and am with you guys there in spirit! Love to you both.


  4. 12 pounds! thats awesome.. u must be so excited.. the menu keeps making me cringe though...I'd be starving!