Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lessons Learned

One of the best aspects of being here is that we are not just pushing ourselves physically, we are pushing ourselves mentally. We are learning so much information and we are gaining knowledge to make this possible at home. Physical exercise is a huge part, it must be included in our lives. Our bodies were meant to move and we are learning that it is so important to make the heart rate rise. Intervals are great for that.

There were several Lectures we attended this past week: Budgeting your Calories, Spending Your Calories Wisely, Emotional Eating,  and Intuitive Eating. In all we have learned about choosing the better options about how to calculate calories in versus calories out, but most of all it is all information we need to be successful on this journey, here and beyond.

Some of the most important things that we have learned are things that we hope to pass on to people reading this blog. So here are some basics, if you are interested in more we are happy to share everything we have learned.

The plate method is how to organize your plat when you are eating. This is an awesome way to help to basically change the way you eat.
With Emotional Eating series we learned some of the most important aspects of Emotional Eating is admitting that you are. First you need to express yourself, talk to someone, write, scream, or cry it out express what you are feeling and why. Once you do this you can start to control the eating that comes along with the emotions. You will still have the emotions, but you will find a new way to work through the emotions instead of with food. Because there will always be the chance that you turn to food, you have to replace the bad. Find healthier options for the "trigger" or "avalanche" foods. No matter what you must express yourself and figure out what and why you are eating mindlessly.

We also learned about the 90/10 Rule. You do not have to give up "treats" you have to plan for them. Make your food intake 90% of your week and each week have a treat that is 10% of your intake. An example is this, if you eat 3 meals a day that equals 21 meals a week, 10% of that would be 1 meal. You still need to focus on portion control, you can't go crazy here, but you can enjoy it! If you go out to eat a meal and really want the cheesecake at the end, eat a healthy portion controlled dinner so you can use the 10% on that dessert. You also should allow yourself to enjoy MAJOR holidays. When you think about it there are only 4 or 5 major holidays in a year. Celebrate those days because you don't celebrate everyday or even every month. And no matter what tomorrow is a new day, you can always go back to the gym and refocus your caloric intake. Don't allow one day or one meal to make you fall back.
Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.


  1. I didnt make the pic cut :( Thanks for the great week i never laughed so much wile i worked my butt off you guys kick butt :)

  2. Seriously, we really had an amazing week! Week TWO is gonna kick butt! Can't wait! So excited to have you in my life!

  3. WOW!! Great lessons so far....I can only imagine the knowledge that you will come back with next week!
    Best wishes for this week! You got this one!
    Happy Hiking!!
    Love ya!