Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 4: December 1

Thursday...really. Cameron (at 6am stretch) said welcome to Thursday...I thought, its not Thursday yet...HOLY CRAP it is! WE MADE IT TO THURSDAY and guess what we FINISHED Thursday!!!

0600 Stretch w/ Cameron (49er Fan!!)
0700 Breakfast: Turkey bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin w/ mixed fruit
0745 Hike Descriptions and Departure
0800 Hike: Reverse Solstice
1115 Stretch 
1230 Lunch: Pulled turkey club in a half pita with mixed greens and veggie soup
1315 Lecture: Cooking Demo 
1430 Ball Works w/ Katina
1530 Treading w/ Katina
1630 H2O Intervals w/ Katina
1730 Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, butternut squash puree and broccoli, apple cobbler for dessert

What an amazing day today. Just when we think we cannot go further...Ryan(my husband)sends a text messages everyday, today was 
"though you may feel like you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, fear no evil for y'all are the baddest mutha' effers in the valley"

I would love to have everyone reading this blog experience this even if for a day. it will change your life. There are so many emotions and changes happening within and around us right now. There is so much support here, I cannot even begin to express the importance of these people. They know that by today all of our walls are down, that we are 100% vulnerable to a complete break down. I want to thank Katina (like Katrina no R). She is a trainer here and this week we have seen her a lot, she has been training our "purple" group through the afternoon classes. She is energetic and knows her shit...not just the training, but the mental and that is more than half the battle. During one of the harder cardio classes called Treading (high intensity for 5 mins., recovery for 5, high for 4 mins, recovery for 4, high for 3 mins, etc) she played the most meaningful music. High pump impact music during that fast moves, low meaningful and mindful music on the recoveries. As you will read in Betty's post tonight it was emotional. There was music that had meaning in our lives and that pushed us through, reminded us of the people we love and cherish in this life that we want to live better for. Thanks, Katina!

We also had the privilege to hear from Jerry and Estella Hayes, they were the at home winners of $100,000 from Season 7 of Biggest Loser. This week we have hiked with them, swam with them and had meals with them. They are living proof that this works. They are amazing public speakers because they are real, they are not reality stars or too good to share their secrets, they are everyday grandparents, loving and caring and extremely kind. Today, we heard their whole story. I was crying from the start...Biggest Loser saved Jerry's life...and when you see the pain that Estella has when she talks about how hard life would have been without him, you cannot help but make that connection. They have been married for 45 years and now being fit and healthy they make sure to share all they know with as many people as possible. Such inspiration. As Jerry shared with us...
"Believe in yourself. Trust the process. Change forever."
*Just a reminder, Jerry and Estella lost this weight after being on the show only 2 weeks. What they learned stuck. What they learned saved their lives.And they have been in maintenance for 3 years This works.*


I want to thank everyone following this blog and this journey. If you can make this commitment, do it. You are worth it. We all are worth it. 


  1. I went to the gym today, and wanted to quit halfway through the workout. As I was getting ready to tap out, I hear your voice telling me...this is all mental. Although my body wanted me to quit, mentally I wanted to continue. I kept repeating to myself "this is mental, your body says no more but your mind says yes you can." I pushed myself and finished the workout Canepa-Garcia strong! Thank you for being so inspiring!

  2. So i have to admit that i am late to follow this new journey the two of you are on. But as everyone has already two are amazing. I caught up with your entire post today while at work, and let me just say BIG MISTAKE! Crying at my desk during my first week at a new job, is not such a great idea. You two are so inspiring and couragous. I have recently had to change my life and eating habits with being pregnant and having gestational diabetes. But i couldn't have a better reason to do it than the healthiness of my baby. I hope to stay strong during and after my pregnancy to live a healthy life and lead by example for my child. I know that by following your journey, it will only make me stronger and more capable to do it. I am so luckly to have gotten the chance to know and work with both of you. I pray for both of you and wish you all the success and strength you need to win this battle. Thanks for letting all of us be apart of such an amazing journey! xoxox

  3. This video made me cry.....thanks so much for sharing your experiences . Just found out bout ur blog and its really helpful.