Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 6: December 3

Hello Saturday. 

0600 Stretch w/ Jake
0700 Breakfast: Mango Smoothie w/ whole wheat english muffin and 1oz strawberry jam
0800 Prep for Activities: Options are Hike, Cardio Blast or Pool
0830 Cardio Blast w/ Cameron
0945 Open Gym
1115 LAST CHANCE WORKOUT w/ Cameron & Katina
1300 Lunch: Tuna Nicose Salad (I had the Boca Burger Option)
1300-1530 Spa Appointments
1630 Graduation for Departing guests
1730 Dinner: Salisbury "Steak", mashed sweet potato, and steamed veggies dessert was banana, pineapple, and strawberry with a dark chocolate drizzle

Today was above all one of the best days we have had here. Saturday's are half days of workouts. They actually want us to rest our bodies in prep for next week and they want us to take advantage of the spa services offered here (full salon, nail salon, facials, massage therapy, chiro, and more). But before we could do any of that we had 2 classes and the famous LAST CHANCE WORKOUT.

Cameron was an awesome trainer today. He set up the Aerobics room with 6 circuit stations, all were working different parts of the body, but it would work our whole body. There were only 6 people working out so it was actually like a private personal training session. We were challenged and pushed. All stations had about a 1 minute workout and then we rotated and had to complete all stations before a break. It was 45 minutes of heart pumping AWESOMNESS! Betty and I then spent another 45 minutes in the gym doing cardio. I was on the treadmill and she rocked out on several machines. A few of us wanted to keep some energy for the LAST CHANCE WORKOUT, but I just felt the urge to jog, so I went 2 miles on the treadmill and really pushed myself to get my legs moving. I felt stronger and that was important to me. 
Cameron and Katina set up the course out on a back field behind the resort (it is also where the fire department set up a landing zone for a helo that landed for a trauma transport, something that also pushed me to use the body I have been given because I can). There were 7 stations and similar to our circuit training in the morning we were using every single muscle in our bodies. Not everyone came, but the group that participated were meant to be there. There was so much camaraderie and support in our small groups of 3 that rotated and worked hard in each station. This was 60 minutes with only 3 small breaks between each set. Talk about intense, but so good. At the end we brought it in for a huddle and we finished on a loud and meaningful "hard work". Super thankful for the people and the trainers all of which pushed it hard today. And so looking forward to some rest.

We went straight to lunch and then at 2:00pm I had a scheduled 50 minute massage. Then it was nap time. At 4:30pm anyone interested could attend "Graduation" which is meant to say farewell to outgoing guests and to celebrate our achievements for the week. We also watch and are give copies of the picture and video of all of our hikes. So sentimental.

This week although a lot of physical hard work has also proved that there is a lot of mental hard work to be had. If your brain tells your legs to keep going they will, but if everything says stop you will not go another step. Katina has a great motto that she hopes everyone can leave with "Be harder on yourself in the gym and easier on yourself in your head". There is so much that I wish I could write down all day long, but I am moving and I don't always have my phone with me. I do have a few photos from today that I am happy to share, but I feel that so far this blog and the photos do not give this place justice. Tomorrow is about rest, although we are going to hit the gym for at least an hour and swim for a while we are sleeping in and looking forward to the Sunday staple OMELET BAR!

Again I want to thank so many people for so much support. This makes our journey so much more meaningful and attainable.

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