Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Found It

...the best backyard workout EVER!

I live in the heart of San Francisco, California. I have taken these hills prior to my 2 week stay at Biggest Loser Ranch at Fitness Ridge Malibu, but never before did I realize just how awesome this work out is. Today I ventured out looking to get in a HIKE as best I could. I live near Twin Peaks and deceided that was my best rocky rough terrain.

I have a hilly climb to get to it, hills = INTERVALS, the best kind of cardio you can do. And once I got to the top I had the amazing views of this fine city. Totally worth the burn. I will be taking this hike for a while especially in the first light of morning, so thankful for this life and now I feel more prepared to tackle it .


  1. I told you those hills would be GOOD!! ;)
    Great job keeping with the program....ESPECIALLY around the holidays! Thank God its been nice weather so far to help you on your outside workouts!!
    Woot Woot!!

  2. so proud of you....way to go. miss ya!! Potate

  3. You go girls! Seriously, inspiring is too loose of a word! Love you!