Friday, June 10, 2016

Day(s) 11 &12/21: Promise?

I ONLY work 2 days a week. Two 12 hour shifts, sometimes in a row, sometimes days apart. But still it is only 2 days. When I became a Coach it was mostly because I needed to make enough money to cover our kids private school tuition. I do that. I hit that goal, but really I saw Coaching as a way to stay consistent on my workouts and stay focused on the journey. If I "worked" more, I would have to use my time differently. I sometimes tell people, I started as a Coach for selfish reasons, little did I know, my WHOLE world would change.

This past Tuesday, I worked  a half shift, only 6 hours and I set my alarm and was up and at it at 4:30am. I was committed to my promise. I wanted to make sure I did the 30 minute workouts EVERYDAY this week. I wanted to see what this looked like working the plan BY THE BOOK. Let's talk about that for a minute. I honestly, can say that is when I feel like I have failed most and decide I can't finish. I missed my active recovery pilates workout yesterday. Sleep seemed more important after waking 3x in the night with my asthmatic kiddo, let's be honest....I got out of bed 3x but was awake all night listening to him struggle. An dafter a 12+ hour day (tack on commute 45 minutes both ways) I was spent. And well same goes with today. I am exhausted and sleep will most likely elude me tonight as I am over tired. I think about REAL PEOPLE, REAL 9 to 5ers. Most likely, you....and as I think about how difficult this is I am reminded that we have to be honest. We have to be realistic and set expectations that we can keep.

My most trusted advisor, Dani Johnson teaches "Under promise, over deliver." What do you KNOW you can commit to? Promise to do that and then when you go over by a day you over deliver and can feel personally successful. Example: I know I can commit to 4 workouts per week.  And when I get that 5th one in, I am feeling like I did more and feel better about the outcome. This week I promised 7 workouts and I did 4. I feel like I failed. But it is recognizing what I know I can do that I am starting to get over that failure feeling and instead LEARN the lesson.

Day 11: at work drank water, ate all my containers.
Day 12: at work drank water, ate all my containers.
Tomorrow: WORTH FIGHTING FOR 5k, swimming and meal prep (I will work 33 hours between Sunday and Tuesday!)

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