Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day 6/21: The Blame Game

I have been working closely with a friend and Coach. I always say the right people come into our lives at the right time. Sometimes not sure why and then the reason is clear. Right now I am going through all the reasons for my weight gain. Looking...BLAMING...everything. Travel and celebrations, the rewards cruise that this amazing business sent me on back in March, stress, emotion, illness, hormones, the Biggest Loser study about weight loss effects on metabolism. You name it I want to find a reason to say, "Yep, that has got to be it."


So let's come clean....

I have not been eating right and I have not been working out. There I said it. I have not been doing it. That is why. There is nothing else that is causing it. I know exactly WHY.

And so these last six days I refocused on nutrition and started to say that would be my only focus, no workouts...but I am trying to follow the 21 Day Fix plan EXACTLY (because it works) and that means 30 minutes every single day.

Today, I pushed play. And I will every single day. That will be part of my check in here.

Tomorrow: Meal prep, WATER, Yoga Fix 

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