Sunday, June 5, 2016

Day 7/21: Week in Review

I try to do this every week, as I have gotten further and further away from caring abut my own journey I have not been doing it. So I will do this every Sunday, here to share my thoughts about the week and my progress, both scale and non-scale. Let's review:

Monday (1) Ate on plan, but skipped a few containers. Turbo Fire HIIT 20
Tuesday (2) Ate all my containers. Upper Fix
Wednesday (3) Containers were all over the place, not enough protein or veggies and went over on fruits and carbs. No Workout
Thursday (4) Containers were on point. Turbo Fire HIIT 25
Friday (5) Ate out 2x, went over by 2 on carbs. Playground workout 3 rounds of squats, lunges, and an abs series
Saturday (6) Almost all containers accounted for. Said no to pizza and cake at a kid party! Dirty 30.
Sunday (7) Containers went great. I might have had 2 blues. but I am OK with that. I did not get to my yoga workout. Could I have done it, YES. Could I still do it, YES. Will I, maybe.

Results: I lost 2 lbs. this week.

My Business Coach, posted tonight about getting REAL. Talking about consistency and how when you want something bad enough you want it as badly as you want to breathe. And when you want it that bad NOTHING...NOTHING should stand in your way. A lot of my excuses are around time, I just don't use it right. And then I am reminded that that is way more precious than money. So as I DELETE Candy Fucking Crush from my phone I am committed to time better spent. As I write out my workouts for the whole week, I give them a time slot in my schedule, even on the days I will work 12 hours, I am committing to being CONSISTENT and spending my time better. I am my top priority. If I don't take care of me how on earth can I take care of anyone else.


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