Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 9/21: FOCUS

I learned this lesson in February of 2012. Eleven weeks into my journey as I was starting to see results, I started to change my mindset. I started to wake up and everyday would say, "I can feel myself losing weight. I can feel myself getting lighter." I truly believe with every ounce of me that I was changing. And guess what....I was. 

I have been recommitting myself to this journey, not because I need to look a certain way, but because I know exactly what it felt like to visualize who and where I wanted to be and I was not stopping until I did. I feel amazing right now. My vision of how this journey will go is taking over....SHIT I got up at 4:25am today to WORKOUT. Do you know how many times in the last 2 years I have set the alarm and then snoozed it for 40 minutes. I didn't have the desire. I didn't have the vision of who I was anymore. Or the WHY? I have been struggling with that too. I started doing this because I didn't want to gain the weight back, selfish reasons but valid. I now LOVE this, not because of the accountability, but because it is WAY bigger than that. 

If you want something different, you've got to do something different. It rings true again and again. We have so much power with how we speak to ourselves. We can speak life or death. When we speak negatively to ourselves silently in the mirror or even under our breath as we pull on our pants, we have the power to believe or to shoot down. When you want more of something I keep saying do more of that....this applies to everything. So choose wisely, will it be positive or negative. 

I ate on point today. I went over by 1 yellow, 1 blue and 1/2 a fruit. I also got up at 4:25am.....

Tomorrow: water, lower fix and 1 mi run, plan my Ultimate Reset.

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