Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 8/21: Transparency


No other way to talk about it. I was on track. I even saved containers to enjoy homemade strawberry shortcake with the boys for dessert. 

It is all a mindset. I have said mind over matter a million times before. I am now reminding myself of everything I have ever pulled from my own tool kit to share with someone else. I know whats right and whats wrong, it all starts with the decision to make a change. It all has to do with the VISION. I can set the goal, but it might just sit there and I might change my path to it a million and a half times. What keeps me from getting there is the vision. If there is no vision there is no way. 

My mentor shared a video today, it has to do with EVERY aspect of life. And it talked on this very thing. There is no way that I will have you join me if I am not real about how hard this process is. If I was perfect, if I lost 100 lbs and kept it off with out the battle, no one would do this with me. Because we all know that life happens. That brings me to the transparency. I have to start here, where I am at and have a vision and every single day I have to get up and do it. Prosper where you are planted, and that is what I hope to do with every single person that does this with me. 

When you can look in the mirror and admit that you are not giving 120%, then you can make change. It is YOU vs YOU. You need to ask why you aren't giving 120%, get rid of the excuses. What did you NOT do. I started to think about the saying, "Be the person, you want to be." GUT check, want to know what that really means? LOVE MORE, give more, be kind, EAT RIGHT, TRAIN HARDER, sweat, clean up after yourself, put shit away right away, GIVE MORE. 

Transparency means that I am going to share the fact that I messed up. And I had excuses, SHIT I still do. I was more concerned about the people I was helping...BULLSHIT. I would have done more if that statement was true. So I called bullshit on myself, recognizing that I was not doing the basics and now I am back to mastering the basics. Day 8 was successful and I feel great. 

If you have some time, watch this...EVERYDAY. 

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