Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day 5/21 VALUE

I am a morning late on yesterdays post. Here is why. I want to move through my 21 days with honesty and with accountability, but I also want to provide VALUE to anyone following my journey. I was so focused on helping so many people, I know what I am doing, I can tell anyone and everyone how to do this plan. How to follow it successfully and the top tips to make this work. I just haven't been doing it.

Until 5. First official, day of summer for my kiddos. I wanted to enjoy the sunshine with a trip to the northbay to swim, unfortunately the youngest is having asthma issues and I was not sure that we should go too far. So we stuck around the city and made fun happen here. But it meant that we were treated out to lunch with my dad. I have this tip I use when going out, I will share it here:

Look at the menu, pick the best healthiest thing for you, then close the menu and do not look at it again. When we pick it back up and start reading all the things on the menu again, we typically change our mind to something that is not good for us or not as good as that first thing. 

So I did that yesterday. We were at an amazing burger spot where I typically will get fried veggies with ranch and a burger or a veggie sandwich that has 3 slices of bread because it is so stacked. I looked at the menu knowing I would have a salad and I found that their signature salad was listed at the top and it said SMALLER SIZE. I went with that with grilled chicken and sweet potato fries to share! IT WAS PERFECT AND FIT ALL MY CONTAINERS!!! (I did not bring them with me, but I have practiced at home to be able to know what I should be eating that is portion control appropriate)
I left feeling satisfied and happy! WIN.

Eating out does not have to be terrifying when we are being mindful of our eating. Although I would like to do it less and have more control of my food, I felt like this was the perfect lesson.

OK aside from that, I just have not felt like working out. I am not inspired by any thing right now to get my butt moving, I am doing the minimum. Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to do a video chat with my friend, Coach-mate, and a serious inspiration when it comes to doing this program right. Misha from IG: @mamamishafitness (go follow her!)  has stayed consistent for 1 WHOLE year using the container system and having a program to move into as soon as she finishes the one before. She asked me what I was doing for my fitness. The container eating system works with ANY workout plan. You can be a gym rat and use this container system and see success or you can do the 21 Day Fix in its entirety with the container system and provided workouts and be incredibly successful.

So as she says this to me I recognize that I want to follow this plan exactly, that means containers and workouts. So here I go pushing play on the 21 Day Fix workouts. EVERYDAY. Thank you, Misha!!


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