Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{Random Acts of Inspiration}

by Betty

My weight loss journey has just started, but the difference with where I am now versus other weight loss attempts is that this time I am putting it all out there. I have started many programs before, but never have I ever really put it out there. I would occasionally share with people, but for the most part I kept it to myself. I have always kept much of my struggle with weight private to avoid vulnerability and awkward conversations. I have always been quite selective about people in my life, but if you're in my life you know I would give you my last dollar and the shirt off my back. For me, it's all about quality, never quantity. (Food...a very different story) My weight loss journey started on November 27, 2011 and everyday since, I have made it a point to tell people about what I am doing. Accountability is the single most important reason that I tell people, but what I get in return is so much more than that. My journey will be as successful as I allow it and to keep myself going I must be inspired. What inspires me now, I was blind to before. Closing myself off from uncomfortable conversations. I want to shake myself sometimes and yell "It's ok. You aren't the only one that knows your fat and in need of help". It's not like I hide my addiction. I wear it for everyone to see so why not talk about it. It's still hard for me to be vulnerable, but I am seeing the world differently. Those uncomfortable conversations are turning into random acts of inspiration.

Cara and I have been getting our nails done at the same nail salon for 16 years. Sixteen years! A true loyal marriage of beauty. Glen Park Nails is the spot and is owned by our dear friend Susan. She is a very savvy small business owner that has put her blood, sweat and tears into a quaint, professional, clean nail salon that has keep me, Cara, Mom, Nicole and friends going back. Susan has a lovely family and in a special way, has been part of our family through the years. Susan is a very healthy woman. She eats really well and stays very fit. Last week, Cara and I had appointments on Friday and talked to Susan about our time at the Biggest Loser Resort. Susan began to tell us about her husband and how they have a routine that she goes to the gym in the morning and he goes in the evening after dinner. She loves her husband very much and is so happy to see him hit the gym. She told him that she needs him in her life to support her physically and emotionally and having a long life with him is extremely important. As she was telling Cara and I all about this, I couldn't help, but notice how passionate she was about her health and her relationship. She then told us a story about a blind man that goes to her gym with his father who helps him work out. She described how his father helps him onto the machines and times him for 5 minutes and then moves him to a different machine. I just stared at Susan as she told the story. At first, I felt such infuriating anger about what a lazy jerk I have been and this man is blind. What a piece of work I have been. But then it truly inspired me. I have no excuses. How amazing is it that I am so capable! I have nothing standing in my way. I am a free, strong, determined individual with a support group that needs their own jersey's and cheering section. I have no excuses. Just pure tenacious ability to change my life.

As you travel your journey, I encourage you to tell people. Talk to people about their journey. Everyone will succeed in different ways, but what's the same is how we all struggle. And it is a struggle. I swear it's so much easier just to be fat. No calorie counting. No sweating, breathless workouts. No mindfulness. But what McDonald's forgets to tell people is that you will still be sweaty and breathless, but only because your heart isn't beating right and arteries are clogged. They don't tell you, you will feel like crap everyday, have teenage acne problems and explosive diarrhea because of the grease, fat and sugar, oh and that you will probably die about 10-15 years sooner than you normally would have should you have just cooked some damn spinach and turkey burger at your house instead.

Shout out's:
To all of the people that inspire me, thank you. You keep me on my journey and remind me that I am worth it. I will be forever grateful that you are helping me save my life.

Don't wait. Start today. Tell everyone. "Yesterday you said tomorrow" -Nike    
All fast food is bad. Only eat it if you enjoy having the runs (and I don't mean the treadmill kind).

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