Saturday, January 21, 2012


Looks like we have a reoccurring blog topic!....

I have been sick with the nastiest cough (you know the one, sounds like there is more mucus in my lungs than in a Ghost Busters Movie) yes, and not just me both my sons have it too. This week, although, spent going through boxes of tissues and catching barf in the middle of the night, I was happy to get in a few short workouts. Funny how you hack all day, but during a workout you don't...just a reminder coughing might actually not suffice as an excuse to get out of going to the gym...

Speaking of gym...Ryan and I joined 24 hr. Fitness last Sunday. Ryan bought the 2 year passes at Costco for us for Christmas, January 14th was his birthday and part of the weekend was dedicated to making sure we got to the gym to activate or passes and get in a workout. Victor, Ryan's best friend and part of our "village" came up for the birthday festivities and joined us at the gym.

Here was my week in fitness:
Sunday: 4 miles at 24 hr (2 on the Precore 2 on the Treadmill)
Monday: 2 miles at 24hr on the Precore
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: 20 minutes of resistance bands for my arms and 3 minutes of Bosu ball planks
Thursday: 15 minutes of resistance bands and 10 minutes of wall squats
Friday: 25 minutes at home on the treadmill just over 1 mile
Saturday: 40 minute neighborhood walk/jog about 2 miles 10 minutes of stretching

Now that I look at this I am actually happy with what I got done even hacking up a lung.  I have been focusing on my food this week too. Although I haven't been good about tracking this week, I was focused on portions. Yesterday at work we had taco truck tacos for lunch (just the mini corn tortilla with chicken or carne, onions, cilantro and red chili sauce) I used to ask for 5 of them. I only had 2 dollars and so I only got 2. I was 100% satisfied with 2 and my sweet treat after was a kiwi fruit. 

I am starting a new job on Monday. I know I will need to go prepared and I am having some anxiety over the changes. Tomorrow I am taking 2 gift cards I got for Christmas to go out and get a few new items to wear. I have dropped from a size 22 to a size 18. I am living in my workout gear and one pair of jeans. So to feel good about starting a new job I thought I would get some new clothes. 

My goals for this week:
1. track my food w/ MyFitnessPal
2. meet Betty for one intense workout (we are committing to making this happen weekly)
3. get in 3 workouts (in addition to my workout with Betty)
4. clean my room and the boys room
5. set a date to hike with Suzie & her hiking group and a date to hike with Jackie (no KIDS!)

I am also really excited to share with our readers that a good friend and co-worker will be taking a huge step tomorrow. Our friend Tracy turned 40 today, and just as I did she decided to spend her birthday 100% on herself. Tracy will be a guest starting tomorrow at Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge Malibu for the next two weeks. I am so excited for her. We have spent the last few days talking about what she should bring and what she shouldn't and trying to help her with the courage it takes to leave her family. Tracy, you are going to do great, feel great and set the path for the rest of your life. Welcome to the fit side!

Tracy will be posting next week as a guest blogger, sharing her experience and her thoughts about the Resort and about Busting a Lung! 

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Thank you ladies!

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  1. I was SOOOO full of Joy when I saw that even though you were in DESPAIR today, you went out and did something about it!!! WAY TO GO MAMA!! That is what it is all about! That is what tells you that you are in this to win this! Love all the goals that you and your hubby set together, it is so sweet to be on the same team!

    Can't wait to see you all again! I miss you something fierce!! Thanks for the blog shout out! I have started a few.. and just haven't got to finish them yet.. sometime REALLY soon!

    Can't wait to bust a lung hugging you!!!XOXO Megs

  2. Great blog post Cara Beara! One thing I noticed...Tuesday wasn't a 'nothing' day. It was a "rest" day. I'm sure you did more than nothing that day. With all the things we do on a consistant basis, we need to rest and recoup for our next activity.

    Good job! Can't wait to read more. Much love to you and the family and gladd to see big daddy is right there with you on your quest!