Sunday, January 1, 2012

No resolutions. Just commitment.

by Cara
Happy 2012, everyone. Today marks 3 weeks since we returned from the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Malibu. 3 weeks of realizing our future, making adjustments to our schedules and food regimen and gaining the commitment of the family and friends we have around us. I have to say that making these changes during the holidays has been hard it has also made me feel so much more powerful over the mind game that I have always played with myself.

Yesterday you said tomorrow.

For the last 6 months of my life I think I told my husband that I would be getting up before he leaves for work to go for a walk/jog/run...and I NEVER went. Well maybe a few times, but there was always something that kept me from going; the baby woke up 3 times, I couldn't fall asleep, I was too cold, or I was just not feeling it. When we left for the BL Resort we were handed a wrapped package, and the first night we were there we opened it to find that we each had a large envelope of hand written letters and inspirational cards to get us through. Family, friends, work partners and our life partners had written us letters and messages. Ryan had created a few inspirational cards that I actually had posted on my wall at the resort, a reminder of what I was doing there and the most impact came from that quote, "Yesterday you said tomorrow" Ryan was on to me he knew I was faking it. Saying but not doing. I am happy to say that has all changed in the last 3 weeks that we have been home. I have met my goals each week of working out 3 times. I created a series of goals before I left the resort. Three days a week seems doable for my life. I hope to increase that number, but for now it is working. I have been happier. I have more energy. And you know when your underwear is too big it is working!
(total loss 19.3 lbs/5 weeks)

My inspiration wall in my room at Biggest Loser Resort Malibu

So tonight I say tomorrow...and I mean it!
I am committed to changing my life and it feels amazing.

Happy 2012!

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  1. Seriously girl, you have the best husband!! I mean he has made me cry 3 times now and the only time I have met him was when I shook his hand and said hello!

    I cried at what he did for your birthday. (when I read it on your blog before BLR)

    I cried when I heard your kids voices at BLR (did I ever tell you that? When I heard their voices and peered out my door to see you with them.. I went back in my room and cried...I was sooo happy you had someone that loved you and was invested in your SUCCESS that much to come surprise you at graduation, no kidding!)

    I just cried now, when I saw what he did for you and how tapped into you he is.

    What a sweetheart, with LOVE and SUPPORT like that, you have no reason not to do this, and you get that!!

    I am SOOOO proud of your results, SOOO proud! You are doing amazing and I giggled at the underwear comment, I too have had that problem.