Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Feel Proud}

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

by Betty

Nothing means more to me than my family and friends that I call family. It is extremely important to me that the people in my life feel absolute unconditional love and support from me. I don't have millions of dollars in the bank or lots of free time, but what I do have is a fierce, undeniable commitment to the people in my life. I am who I am because of them. I have been blessed to have lots of family especially on my mom's side. My mom is the oldest of 5 siblings...(spouses in parenthesis)...Michael (Lori), Susan, Shane (MaryAnn) and Matt (Debbie). My aunts and uncles have been a true support in my life as well as all my cousins...Kasey (Jason), Kelly (Preston), Meghan (Chris), Matt (Kimmy), Pat (Ming Cee), Shaner, and Rachel. I know there are people that don't have the family that I have and I know how lucky I am.

My mom's youngest brother, Matt and my Aunt Debbie live about 90 minutes from me and Aunt Debbie is a die hard Biggest Loser fan. Like most of us she has her own struggles. I will not ever go back to the Biggest Loser Resort without inviting her. I had Auntie Debbie for Christmas exchange and I gave her a box full of Biggest Loser stuff I got from the Resort and we agreed to get together soon. Yesterday, my mom and I drove up to Sacramento to help my Aunt Deb and Uncle Matt break in their new memberships to Planet Fitness. A little time on the treadmill, elliptical, and a cycle of weights and steps. I burned about 1100 calories and everyone broke a good sweat. We went back to their house and Uncle Matt, who is an awesome chef, taught me how to make a really yummy thai dish with chicken, tofu, onions, and peppers. It was lean and beyond flavorful. We had it over a brown and wild rice mix with sparkling water. He also bought the ingredients to go for a great vegetarian dish with black eyed pees and greens. Aunt Deb has started her journey and I am so excited for her. She is one of my most favorite people and I love that we get to walk (sometimes jog) this journey right beside each other. I am so proud of me and even more proud of Aunt Debbie. 

Though for me, this day was about Aunt Debbie, I still can't quite believe that in just 7 weeks, I have lost almost 40 pounds and workout almost everyday AND put a date on my calendar to travel 90 minutes to WORKOUT. WHO THE EFF AM I? My journey has just started, but like I have said before, this journey unlike anything I have tried before is completely different. I have my mind right. I know what I need to do and making changes to my life are becoming easier and easier. However, let me just be clear...I hate working out. But I love the results more.  

I talked many times about Jennifer Rumple...the at home winner of BL12. I will dedicate an entire post to her, but for now know that she is my inspiration. She lives very close to me, and though we have not actually met in person, I feel like she is in my life for a reason. She was sadly voted off the show during the season, but came home and started working out with a trainer in the Bay Area. She went on to lose half her body weight at the finale and ran a freakin marathon! I inquired about who her trainer was and she sent me the link. I drafted several emails to this trainer, but even after returning from the hardest 2 weeks of my life at the Resort, I just didn't have the courage to contact him. I finally sent the email last week. He promptly got back to me and we talked on the phone Friday. I shared info about me, he shared info about him and this Monday is my first session with him. Michael Friedman is his name. I will meet him tomorrow at 10am at the 24 Hour Fitness on Van Ness. I am terrified and excited all at the same time. Tara Costa told me the relationship between me and my personal trainer will be one of the most important. I already feel a great connection with Michael and know my life will change because of his help and investment in me. I might die if I ever see Jen enter the gym, and Michael is like a celebrity trainer. Star struck already. I can't believe this is all happening, but the time is now.

Shout outs:

Jennifer Rumple...thank you for sharing your trainer with me. He has helped you save your life and now both of you are helping me save mine.

Michael, my trainer...I am scared and might throw up and I can't thank you enough for helping me. I will never say never and I will never give up.

Uncle Matt...thank you for loving me so unconditionally. I can feel it when I am with you and will be forever grateful for you.

Aunt Debbie...the most important thing I learned at the Resort was that in order to succeed on my weight loss journey, I needed to believe in myself. I am worth the time it takes to live the life I want. As are you. It will not be easy...nothing worth it ever is, but it will get easier. You will feel the change and you will succeed. Believe in yourself. Trust the process. Change forever. I believe in you.


Though, we are all on our own journey's, the struggle is the same. A workout partner not only helps you, but it helps them. Put a workout on the calendar with someone.

Get out of your comfort zone. If you can read a magazine during your workout, it's way too comfortable. You can read on the crapper. Spend your workouts focusing on you.



  1. Have a great time tomorrow!! I won't say, "you can do it" because that's not true anymore...YOU ARE DOING IT!! love you--

  2. WAY TO GO AUNT DEBBIE AND UNCLE MATT!!! Look at you Bri still on your journey and ALREADY paying it forward!! I don't think I can say this enough...but, I AM SOOO PROUD OF YOU!