Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home: One Month

by Cara

Today marks 4 weeks since we left the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge Malibu. I have had some real emotions this weekend as I thought about what that meant and where I am in my progress. I reminded myself today that it is not about being skinny or the number on the scale (although that haunts me). It is about how I feel, my energy, my body and my wellness. I miss so much about being there, the alone time, seeing my sister everyday, the workouts, and the people. I am so thankful to have met truly amazing friends that I hope to know for a lifetime.

Here are my stats to date:

Starting Weight: BLR
One Month:
November 27, 
December 11, 
January 8,




Total Lost: 28.9 lbs (6 weeks)

I am amazing myself EVERYDAY that I do this. I believe that this works, I can see that it works and I am loving the results and myself more and more.

When I left BLR my goals were to workout 3 times a week, maintain 1600 calories a day, and to work on my routine and schedule with my sons (since I felt that my ability to accomplish my other goals would rely on my ability to maintain a routine with them). I feel that I have been fairly successful in all areas. I think with the holidays thrown in this equation I was busier than I usually am. 

For this next month I want to really focus on the schedule aspect of my life. I feel that there are long periods of time that I cannot account for, maybe on Facebook or Twitter, this time really needs to be used to my advantage. So my goals for this next month on top of what I am currently doing are to:

1. Get the boys out doing something somewhere for minimum 1 hour EVERYDAY
2. Plan 1 family hiking trip this month
3. Activate our 24 hour Gym Memberships and join a class (this will be in addition to my 3 workouts)

Each month as I progress I will be adding on or maybe taking away something that I have worked on. I am very lucky to have a new found group of women on my side. This weekend I spent a few hours of my Saturday meeting with 10 women, hearing their stories and what they hope to accomplish in 2012. What I learned most from them, from the evening and the information we shared I want to be a doer! I no longer want to let this life happen, I want to make it happen. There are too many times that I have said I would get something done or that I would LIKE to do something (run a marathon, read a book, see a movie, go on a date with my husband, call a friend) and I don't do it. WHY? It's time to DO. And on this journey to be healthier I am MAKING shit happen. I finally see that when I set my mind to something and say I will do it I CAN.

With that said I end this entry with the video of our first week at Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Malibu. This place changed our lives. As Betty will tell you it has saved her life. We are forever grateful. 

For those of you not sure who Brianne & Cara are we are shown together towards the end together wearing our BIG sunglasses!

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  1. Love it. now how did you get the video loaded on here?