Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh. Hello.

Its been a while.

Betty has been on a roll. Meanwhile I am trying to keep up. She has been killing it, I am motivated. It goes something like this...

Betty: posts a picture, sweating and killing it
Me: that Beezey (gets up goes downstairs and turns on Turbo Fire) SWEAT my ASS OFF

So if you have been following me everywhere else other than just here you will see that I have made a few strides. I will say in part thanks to Betty's motivation. I finally ended an 8 week plateau. I have made it to 209 lbs. I have officially lost 70 lbs. 70 lbs. I feel great. I feel like I could stop and just start to maintain, however, I do have some goals that I would still like to meet.

Goal #1: 199 by October 4 (my 31st Birthday and now only 4 weeks away)
Goal #2: Find a new class (spin or other) to do once a week
Goal #3: Run a long distance 10+ miles once a week.
Goal #4: Gather photos from the last 10 months and do a side by side collage.

Over the course of this journey I have shared my goals and I have made sure that I come back to the same goals when I feel like things aren't working. A reminder to everyone of what they are: track my food (1480 calories) on MyFitnessPal, work out 3 one-hour (I have upped this to 4) sessions per week, and wear my Body Media Fit Band to track my calories out.

I started doing Turbo Fire, part of Beach Body, if you have heard of INSANITY or p90X you know what it is. Turbo Fire is all pylometrics and high intensity workouts. I love it for the fact that there are 20 and 25 minute sessions that I can feel comfortable doing even when I am my most tired. I know I can do a 20 minute workout, shower and still be in bed by 10:30. So that is something I have changed up a little.

Lastly, I am struggling a little to figure out what I will do after October 1. My trainer of 8 months, Michael, is L.A. I am struggling to think about what I want my fitness future to look like, but also because Michael helped me find things and forget things that were holding me back from being where I am today. I was once told by several former Biggest Loser contestants that finding the right trainer is like finding the right relationship. It is something that needs to be just right, for both of you. I am so sad to say that although we are "breaking up", I will never forget the life I found at mile 12 of my very first half marathon. I will forever be thankful for that last mile because of you. CHANGED forever as I made it to that finish line. And a new found LOVE for marathoning. Looking forward to keeping this going. I wish Michael the VERY best. And this will be a true test to my inner athlete, I will take on the challenge.

Happy weekend, everyone.

(Unfortunately, I did have some photos to attach from my phone, but my phone took a dive in the tub tonight. Look forward to the collage coming soon!)

p.s. You know that your ENTIRE life has changed when you celebrate your 7 year wedding anniversary hiking 4.5 miles with the man you used to drive thru dinner with 5 out of 7 nights a week. #CHANGE #FOREVER #happyanniversarymylove


  1. John Hebison @bodybyjhebSeptember 6, 2012 at 11:38 PM

    Keep rocking it girly! 199 here you come 4weeks is plenty of time :)

  2. I love this blog! You guys are so honest and motivational, nothing fake about it and that's so rare!! Can your current trainer refer you to a new one? Juliet and I have discussed this blog a few times and neither of us think we can do what you do, especially the running part (my knees think I'm 80), I think you got this and you WILL reach all your goals. :)

  3. Oh hi friend. I can use some help with a collage myself- not so privy to that kind of stuff ;) look forward to having a lunch/dinner date soon? <3 ya.

  4. You're going to make me cry!! I am so incredibly proud of you!!