Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shake What Yo Momma Gave Ya!

Shakeology Review
by Cara

What is Shakeology? Well after about 20 days on it (Betty has been doing it now just over 30 days) I want to share more info for all of you that might be interested or just want to know what we have added to our routine. Here is some information direct from their website.

Shakeology Connection
I will say this, I was skeptical. I am re-learning how to eat real food and this wants me to replace a meal with a drink. Hmmmm. Not really sure I like that. However, I find myself being more conscious of what I am eating when I am incorporating the shake. Mindfulness is the key to success. So I am giving it a try. If you follow me on Facebook you read that after ONE WEEK, yes, ONE WEEK of following the Shakeology Plan, adding some intensity to my workouts and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, I broke my 8 week plateau. I dropped 4.8 lbs in my first week of Shakeology. Betty is having even more success, as she is using Shakeology and working out 6-7 days a week. Shakeology changed her game plan and IT IS WORKING!!! She is on the verge of losing 100 lbs. And about 30 of those pounds with Shakeology. 

See the picture. Can you imagine eating all of these fruits and veggies in a day, could you do it in one meal? Shakeology carries all the nutrients, fiber and protein you see here. I know I can't eat all of this in one day! But I get it in one shake. Its true, eat all of this or drink it, you will be regular. But it is also building your immunity and giving you micronutrients you don't usually get. 

Here was my lunch today and yesterday. I like to call it the Peanut Butter Cup. Yes, there are some recipes to make this shake taste like you are cheating. 

My favorite ingredients:
-FLAX or Almond Milk
-Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
-Fresh or Frozen Strawberries

There are a million options including only using water. To make it a meal replacement you should add some additional ingredients. Alone the powder is only 150 calories. Today I added 1 tablespoon reduced fat PB and Almond Milk which brought me to 280 calories. I also think an important key is to use a blender, I have a new found LOVE for my Magic Bullet. 

Shakeology is also part of the Beachbody Series. This includes Shakeology, Turbo Fire, Insanity, p90x, and Coaches to guide you through your weight loss goals. Betty and I are not "coaches" but we do use John Hebison as our Beachbody coach. You can access his Coach Site with the link above. Or on the Beachbody site it is:

Shout Out:
Beth and Juliet: I sure do miss you 2. I hope this gives you the info you were looking for. I also love that you are following this journey. Thank you for being avid readers. 

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