Tuesday, September 25, 2012


by Brianne & Cara

We have been getting a lot of requests on our "GO TO" foods. Let's be honest our weight gain was almost entirely made up of over eating and eating the wrong things at the wrong times. Lately we have been on point with our food. And as we have shared before we are currently using Shakeology. So with several requestes we decided to unveil our usual "GO TO" food.

Also as we have shared before, Cara is a calorie counter (MyFitnessPal app) Brianne is not, but she does focus on good food that she portion controls.


-Quaker Low Sugar Oatmeal (any flavor) with 1 Trader Joe's Just-A-Handful Omega Mix added in, 1 cup coffee with Sugar-free Vanilla Creamer, 1 hard boiled egg (372 calories)
-Quick breakfast sandwich: 100 calorie English Muffin, 1 slice 2% American Cheese, 1 whole egg cooked with PAM only (220 calories)
-Protein Shake: Almond Milk or No Sugar added Flax Milk, frozen peaches and ARIA Womens Protein Powder, 1 hard boiled egg (190 calories)

-Egg whites with spinach, mushrooms, green onion and hot sauce. Quick and easy. I like to eat my grains/carbs early in the day so I will sometimes put it in a whole wheat 100 cal wrap or have a half a whole wheat english muffin or a sando thin with it. Depending on how hungry I am, I also have a turkey sausage patty or fruit.
-Oatmeal (original, unflavored), Non-fat milk, berries and truvia
-Cherrios, Non-fat milk, banana


-Garden Burger Chipotle Black Bean Flavor, sandwich thin and small mixed green salad with Newman's Lite Balasmic Dressing, apple (330 calories)
-4 oz baked or grilled boneless skinless chicken breast (usually from the night before) with Green Giant Frozen Antioxidant Blend veggies, apple (300 calories)
-Whole Foods Jalepeno Hummus, whole wheat pita or mini pretzels, carrots and apple (270 calories)

-Leftovers from dinner are always the easiest. Plan to make a little extra at dinner for the next day.
-Whole wheat sando thin OR whole wheat 100 calorie wrap with low sodium turkey, lettuce, and mustard with a piece of fruit or carrots
-Salad with chicken, carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, and Newmans Lite Balsamic Dressing with a piece of fruit


-Zucchini Bake: think Baked Zitti, pasta replaced with zucchini, marinara sauce and either chicken breast or Jenni-O Spicy Italian Sausage, mixed green salad with garbanzo beans and Newmas Lite Balsamic dressing (285 calories)
-Tofu, veggie and chicken breast stirfry with 1/2 cup brown rice (250 calories)
-Turkey Burger on a sandwich thin, reduced fat cheese and sweet potato and kale "hash" and mixed green salad with Newmans Lite Balsamic dressing (484 calories)

- Extra lean ground turkey with steamed spinach is my go to. It’s quick and always fills me. I dip the turkey in mustard usually and when feeling like a chef, I will throw some onion in with the turkey. I will switch up the veggie choice as much as I can. Usually broccoli, brussell sprouts or zucchini.
-Taco salad. Again, extra lean ground turkey with low sodium taco seasoning over lettuce, black beans, onion, tomato, 1/3 avocado and hot sauce.
-Tofu/veggie stir fry. I steam broccoli, carrots, green beans and mushrooms and throw them in a pan with cubed extra firm tofu and low sugar teriyaki. If you can't find low sugar be sure you measure out the real stuff because the calories can add up quickly. I let the whole thing cook together and add red pepper flake because I like everything HOT. You can serve this with brown rice.


I break my snacks into morning and afternoon//savory and sweet.
-hard boiled egg--70 calories (if I want 2 I have just the whites--34 calories) 
-FAGE 0% greek yogurt (THE BEST) Peach or Honey--120 calories
-Banana--100 calories
-1/2 serving nuts almonds or cashews and a 1/2 serving (about 8 crackers) wheat thins--147 calories
-2 light swiss laughing cow wedges with 5 Ak-Mak crackers--180 calories
-Apple--70 calories

-Greek yogurt. My fav is Fage with the fruit mix in. Peach and blueberry are the bomb.
-Low-fat string cheese and a piece of fruit or carrots and raw green beans
-Brown Rice Cake with natural peanut butter
-Wasa or Ak-Mak crackers with salsa
-Hard-boiled egg

For the last month and a half we have been replacing one meal with Shakeology. Cara usually replaces breakfast or lunch, Brianne will replace any meal. What we have learned to be the most important is NEVER leave home without a healthy option. Throw an apple, granola bar, KIND bar, handful of nuts, something in your bag. You will also see that we ALWAYS have water with us. Other than water, Brianne likes sparkling water and decaf coffee. Cara will drink water, Zevia Sodas, and Vitamin Water ZERO lemonade.



  1. 1:11am?!? Sleep is a key go-to as welll, ladies! Lol! This was awesome! Thanks! Love you! - HA

    1. Oh, believe me when I say that it is the number one thing I have been thinking about. 7-8 hours is critical for weightloss. I will be in bed by 10 tonight!