Friday, February 17, 2012

Reality of LIFE

by Cara
Where the heck have I been?

The reality of life is taking over. Although I would like to think I am super busy, someone busier than I am is running or blogging! My regular life has changed a lot in the last 3 weeks and for the better. Here is my update:

New Beginings:
1. Started working out with Michael Friedman, trainer at 24 hr Fitness (1-2 days a week, 1 with Betty and 1 on my own)
2. Started my new job/training at Stanford Hospital & Clinics as a Communications Specialist in the Patient Transfer Center (this includes Life Flight, so cool!)

Lost, never to find again:

Starting weight: 280lbs
Current: 244.2 lbs
Total lost to date: 36.8 lbs
(12 weeks, since November 27, 2011)

I have to say that I have not been motivated. I have been struggling. This is where life is so much more different than the Biggest Loser Show or even life at Biggest Loser Resort. On the show and at the resort calories are limited with nothing beyond the 1000-1200 allowance even in sight. And 6-8 hours of pure cardio is a reality. Not now. Not in my REAL world. And that is where I am struggling. But I have an amazing support system of people, family, friends and now my trainer Michael. I am very lucky to say that for a real world scenario, I have everything I need (including a gifted treadmill in my living room, thanks Maureen). There is no room for excuses. Even Ryan, my husband, pushes me, the other night I was so tired; with the commute, my days at Stanford are about 15 hours. I wanted to go to bed so badly, but I told Ryan I needed to get 30 minutes in on the treadmill, he encouraged me to get out of my comfy bed, put my shoes on and hit the treadmill.

I am also tagged daily in inspirational photos from an old co-worker who kicks ass regularly with Crossfit. Delanie works hard as a 911 dispatcher here in SF and I haven't told her this, but she really is making my daily mental game improve. Knowing that someone is so commited to supporting me the way that she is makes me feel like I need to support myself a little more. And as they say the mental game is probably the most important.

And lastly I need to thank a friend I haven't seen in a while. Jessica Johnson, is seriously my twin. We have a lot in common, but she needs to know how much I adore her and HOPE to know her for life.  Long history to how I know her simplified, Brianne and Jessica's husband, Dave, were partners at AMR for a long time. Dave and Jess have always been so supportive and caring to everyone they meet. They are funny and even funnier together, they are high school sweethearts and a match made in heaven. I am so inspired by Jess, simply by her ability to be a super mom to 2 amazing girls, but also as a wife, so supportive with her heart and her mind. Brianne and I received a very unexpected gift in the mail yesterday, Jess sent us Lisa Leonard Designs necklaces. Perfect in every way, and  exactly the sentiment that I needed at this unmotivated part of my weight loss journey.

Here are a few of the inspirations that help me along the way. Thank you all for your continued support on this journey. I feel so blessed in every way. I hope that this blog for our readers and friends can continue to be a link to inspiration and motivation. We continue to work hard in hopes that someone reading will also be working hard. Keep it up!

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  1. Ahh I MISS you!!!! So proud of you. So thankful you're in my life. And that we're twins. And you're 100% stuck with me.