Sunday, August 5, 2012

{One Week Ago}

I am still alive.
by Betty

May I remind you a little over 8 months ago, I had pretty much accepted my fate and was prepared to live the life of an obese, unhealthy, unhappy, miserable, nasty jerk. Regardless of how much weight I still need to lose, I am no longer accepting that old life. I want to live the fit life. I don’t want to be skinny, nor do I care to wear a bikini, but I do want to be healthy, happy, and lovely. No more jerk. (Ok, may be not “no more”…less of a jerkJ)
I clearly remember the day that I told Cara (the marathon running extraordinaire) I WILL NEVER RUN A MARATHON. At heavier weights, running feels like I’d rather pluck all the hairs off my body with dull tweezers in freezing cold weather. IT SUCKS! My knees and my back and my entire body scream. But then I look down at my Body Bugg and keep going. Running (really, it’s jogging, I don’t run yet) is by far the best cardio you can do. After Cara ran her first half marathon, Michael twisted my arm and forced me to sign up for a 5K (wink). I really didn’t want to have anything to do with it. In fact, I waited until the last day to register. So opposed to the idea of paying to do something that I hate, plus the paramedic in me has always feared of dropping dead of a sudden cardiac arrest at the finish line. A little morbid, I know.
Sunday, July 29th, 2012 I completed my first 5K and I am still alive. 

Fearing my cardiac arrest, I made my sister, Nicole do the 5k with me. I signed us up, picked up our bib numbers the day before and on Sunday morning my alarm went off at 6am. I have done 3 miles many times. Lake Merritt has become one of my most favorite places. It’s 3.7ish miles around and I started to walk a little faster, jog a little longer and improve my time every week in preparation for the 5K. All I wanted to do was finish.
Nicole and I arrived at the start line 5 minutes before. I knew Nicole would much rather be sleeping in, so in appreciation of her support, I bought her an ipod shuffle and loaded the same playlist that I had on mine so we could sing together. The days leading up to the 5K, I felt nervous and worried that I wouldn’t make it in the time they allow you to finish. I thought about how to get out of it and fake an excuse. I told myself it was my journey and Cara is the runner and that if I didn’t want to run this piece of crap race that I shouldn’t have to. I forced myself out of bed and into my clothes and to the start line to be shockingly completely enlightened.
First of all, it’s not a race. There may be people there trying to win, but the masses are there to sweat and cross the finish line. I looked around while waiting for it to start and felt like I was part of something that I have never known. I marveled at the fact that people do pay to come out early on a weekend morning to run. There were people much heavier than me, a pregnant woman that looked like she was about to push, parents with kids, a guy in a wheel chair, and people from all over the country. It was one of the most inspiring moments I have had on my journey.
The race started and Nicole and I got to work. The 5K start line was near the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero in the greatest city on the planet, San Francisco. It looped around and passed in front of the ball park and then finished just before the start line. I jogged over half the distance and speed walked the rest. While I profusely perspired, Nicole was beside me the entire time, not even breaking a sweat. Just before the finish line, Michael surprised me and ran the last portion with us. I crossed the finish line and behind my breathlessness, fatigue and ugly workout face (everyone has an ugly workout face), I felt proud. I don’t feel proud often, but Sunday, I felt proud of myself. I didn’t finish in record time, I didn’t run the entire course, but I completed that damn 5K and it feels really great. More than that and I am sure Michael will be happy to hear…it will not be my last. I loved everything about it (other than the running part, which I will work on every day).  Ambitiously, Michael wants me to sign up for a half marathon (13.1 miles) in November. That is TBD.
Shout outs:
Michael: It is because of you that I even was there. You have believed in me from the start and even when I have doubted the belief I have in myself. Thank you for pushing me, running beside me and knowing that I am capable of so much more than I think I am. YOU ARE AN IRONMAN! And I am profoundly grateful to have you in my life. Loving you more than loving seeing that finish line.
Cara! You are an MF BEAST! 13.1 miles and you finished 17 minutes faster than your last. I don’t even know you. They said your name as you crossed and all I could think about was blessed I am to have a younger sister I can look up to. You killed it. I am so proud.
Speaking of younger sisters I look up to…Nicole, I have always been your number one fan. Thank you so much for supporting me during the hardest 3 miles of my life. I am glad you didn’t have to perform CPR on me (30 compressions to 2 breaths…FYI). You know what it is to commit yourself to the fit life. You are a brilliant woman who will forever be an athlete. I am so honored to call you my sister. Thank you for laughing and singing with me during those 3 miles and being proud of me as I finished. I can’t really fully express how much you mean to me, but know it’s to infinity and beyond.
To everyone who sent me love and support on Sunday…Nani, mommy and dad, Victor, Potate, Amanda, Jonna, Dylan, Tracy, Taylor, Kian, Khalil, Gretchen, Christine, Ranelle, JHEB, Kenny, Meg, Heather, Essara, Uncle Mike, Kelly Ryan, Kasey, Kym, Jessica J, Tessa, Menne, just to name a few…THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Support and love really have inspired me to continue my journey. Without it, I would not be where or who I am now. I love you more than bread and butter.
Go get your computer. Sign on and pull up Google. Type in 5k and the area you live. Find out when the next one is scheduled and sign up. No excuses.


  1. So beyond MF-ing proud and amazed of your 5k accomplishmen and all your other accomplishments leading up to this point. I drank the crazy kool-aid and signed up for the Dirty Girl 5k run and obstacle course. Eek!!! Nervous and scared at the same time. I even got Katie Clark to sign up too! You and Cara are my inspiration!!

  2. It may have taken you a while to get here, but you finally understand why I do what I do. Why I spent thousands of dollars every year registering for events! It goes beyond being healthy for me now. It's the sense of pride I feel and the inspiration I pass onto others. I'll be running alongside you in November the same way I ran alongside Cara. US Half Marathon, here we come!!

  3. I still LOVE your stories and successes!! You both are looking GREAT!!
    And reading this one compared to your first hike in Malibu...WOW! Look at your accomplishments!! NEXT Half Marathon...then a FULL Marathon!!
    Until then...I think you and Cara should come do the Dirty Girl Mud 5k Run with US ("Mudder Fudders" Wave 13 at 11am)...It will be a BLAST!!!
    Keep up the AWSOME work both of you and NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!