Thursday, August 16, 2012

Committed to my Goals

Week 1 of Committed To My Goals

As mentioned, I am doing a 60 day challenge with Body by JHeb and coach, Tiffany Gaspie. I am eating extremely mindfully clean, replacing one meal with Shakeology and putting in some serious sweaty work. No soda, 100+ ounces of water every day and some major PMA (positive mental attitude) changes.

The group I am doing the challenge with meets in a private Facebook group daily and shares meals plans and workouts. John and Tiffany are awesome and provide tons of feedback and encouragement. I needed another jump start and this has definitely done it. Throughout my journey, I recognize that I need little kicks in the ass from time to time to reset me. This challenge has done just that.

I just finished week 1 and I lost 8 pounds. 8 mutha f*%kin pounds! Boom.

Here’s what I did:

I am eating 1300-1440 calories a day.

Breakfast: usually my Shakeology meal replacement with a piece of fruit.
Snack: Non-fat greek yogurt, carrots or raw green beans.
Lunch: Leftovers from dinner or whole wheat sandwich thin with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, carrots or another veggie, piece of fruit.
Snack: hard boiled egg, veggies, string cheese or yogurt
Dinner: extra lean ground turkey patty or grilled chicken with a green veggie (usually spinach), or an egg white scramble with bell peppers and onion.
Snack: If do a late workout or miss a snack throughout the day, I may add a snack after dinner.

I use a lot of fresh herbs, onion, garlic and salsa for taste. Food is the biggest focus for me right now as it has been the biggest problem for me in the past. I plan and pack all my food and am never without something to eat. I am trying to create a healthy habitual eating style that doesn’t take a lot of work or thought.

Workouts: Since my last AHA moment blog, my workouts have seriously improved. Accepting the fact that it’s going to suck has really made me push harder. I have caught myself in the past going a little easy on some workouts in fear that I will fatigue to quickly and give up. What a lame way of thinking. Why go easy? Just go all out. Bust it. This past week I worked with both my trainers, Michael and John. I did one hour of some serious kick boxing with John on Tuesday. Treadmill with it off (making the belt go on my own against the resistance), abs and planks on my own Wednesday. Battle ropes, kick boxing, and little bit of everything Thursday with John again to the point of where I wanted to DFO (done fall out). Friday, I saw Michael and his treadmill. For one hour, he had me do some crazy shit…sprints, inclines, holding weights, resistance bands ecter-f*&kin-a. Killer. I wanted to die. Thought I was going to die. But didn’t. Killed it. Burned over 5,000 calories by the end of the day. Saturday, I spent 2 hours in the sand in SoCal, jogging and walking, abs, planks and some Shaun T style back work. I also spent an hour in the ocean on a surf board and boogie board for the first time ever (Thanks Vic). Major workout. Sunday, an hour in the ocean and on the sand.

In my first week of some serious focus, I lost 8 pounds. And the week before, I prepped myself for this 60 day challenge and lost 5 pounds. 14 pounds in 2 weeks and I am feeling renewed. There is a light that burns inside of all of us. Mine is blazing right now.

Today, starts week 2 and I am working out every day and eating clean. I love Shakeology, but Shakeology isn’t the secret. Granted it provides me with tons of micronutrients that I would normally not get all in one day and therefore, tons TONS of healthy energy, but the secret to this is no secret. It’s good, clean, fresh, portion controlled food and lots of sweat.

So what is different now? This journey makes several turns and sometimes U-turns. It’s all part of it. The important thing to do is to never give up. Bad day? Get right back on. Never stop.

Shout outs:

John (aka Body by JHeb, aka Game Changer), you have invested your time, sweat and energy into me and I am so grateful. I know this is your job and even though you do love your job and are very good at it, it’s so much more than that. You are changing lives. Saving lives. We connected from the jump and I adore you. Thank you for your patience, daily dose of encouragement and friendship. I love you, boo. Let’s do something awesome.

Michael…I’m baaaaaaack and obviously, so are you…with a vengeance. That treadmill workout was more than I ever though I could do, but you have believed in me from day 1 and I’ve never felt stronger. I love you more than being done with that workout.

To my Committed to My Goals team and Tiffany: Thank you for being honest and lovely. I feel inspired and pushed by all of you. We may all be at different places on our journey, but it’s all the same. Work is work and you all put it in. Boot camp beasts for life.


If you find yourself off track, realign your goals, your perspective and always maintain a positive mental attitude. Surround yourself with people that guide you, teach you and love you. You may miss a TV show or two or time doing other things, but nothing is more important than the choices you’re making right now.
Accept this fit life. It’s the bomb dot com.
Light ya fire.

“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life”


  1. You Are SO Awesome Girl!! I am very proud of you and I just KNOW your going to win this challenge!! You have one of the best attitudes and I definatly am watching you... Im learning as well!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  2. If you thought last Friday was bad, oh girl, just wait until tomorrow! You better come ready to bring it because tomorrow we aim for another 5,000 calorie day!