Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Do You}

by Betty

I truly believe that there is something to be offered from everyone we meet. The key is to try to find out what.

I have the pleasure of meeting many people every day at work. This week I met a woman who came into the ER and was sent down for a scan of her head. To avoid any patient rights violations, I will leave her name out. She was laying on a gurney and said hello to me when I walked in. I went over to her bedside and asked her name and how she was feeling. She told me why she was there and asked me what I do. I told her I was responsible for ensuring her quality of care was superb while she was in our hospital and she thanked me. She told me that she used to teach special needs kids and that when she started to get older and her health started to decline, she wasn’t able to continue. Her health deteriorated while she was unemployed and uninsured. She found herself another job, but has struggled with her health ever since. I noticed a bandage over eye that was from a recent surgery, poor hygiene, and sadness. I couldn’t help, but want to stay beside her as she waited. She told me that she has spent her whole life taking care of other people and now as she gets older, all the years that she didn’t take care of herself, were catching up with her. She was overweight and suffers from chronic medical conditions, most likely caused by her weight. I was confident she was older, but sad to hear she wasn’t even 60.

During this brief encounter, I looked at this woman and I realized that if I don’t stay committed to my journey I might be her someday. I know that I struggle taking less care of myself than I do other people so meeting this patient was a significant. I don’t want to wake up some day and be laying on a gurney waiting for a CT because I didn’t take care of myself. I told her that her service had probably changed the lives of many people and that a life of service is something I have profound respect for. She graciously said thank you and I told her that our staff better take good care of her. It was late and I walked back to my office, packed my stuff and drove home.

The truth is we have one life to live. Everyday we get older and everyday that we live any way less than what we deserve is a true disservice. I know I am worth the good life I want. Everyday I am reminded of how lucky I am to be only 32 years old with many years ahead of me. This simple concept serves as my constant motivation. I don’t want to find myself sick and too tired to do anything about it. I refuse to waste anymore time. This journey may not be easy, but it is worth all the hard work if I get to live well.

Shout outs:

Menne: Thank you for your message. I think I really needed it. Part of the reason Cara and I continue to blog is in hopes that we may inspire as we have been inspired. And you inspire me every day. Thank you.

Fam: Pinecrest was epic. T-ball, lake water fitness, lots of sun, raging fires, low-cal smores, fantastic food, the party boat, late night convos in sleeping bags…And Grode almost died. Thank you for being you.


Take care of yourself every day before it’s too late. Just Do You. 


  1. I want you to remember something: the healthier you are, the more people you can help. How much slower did you move at 360 lbs versus today? How much happier are you today versus 7 months ago? Whenever you feel the need to put others before yourself, I want you to remember that you can't actually help others unless you take care of YOU first! Never forget that! Love you more than Reeses Cups!

  2. Way to look for learning opportunities to profoundly enrich your life and your journey. Something I admire about you is you are able to stay Authentic and true to YOU through this process! It isn't a race but a destination that we keep working towards! So Proud of you! Keep Swimming! Always remember I love you completely just as you are.

  3. Yes, take care of yourself. So important and unfortunately many realize that too late. Good for you two for realizing that now!