Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HOPE for Sudan

There are things that I wish for in this life. Things that only I keep inside of my little head. I work toward the goals and sometimes I just think about someday reaching the goal. This blog was mostly inspired by a good friend of mine (that really is a good friend of Brianne's, but I love her and her family all the same).

The story goes like this, Brianne and Dave were partners at AMR "the Mighty 265" that was what they called themselves. Brianne was there when Dave and his wife Jessica got their dog Kobi, she was there when they found out the were having their first daughter and then Jessica was there to make programs for my wedding and then I got to work with Jessica in dispatch at AMR. Full circle. These people have been in our lives for a while. Sometimes on the side line, but always ready to be in the game.

Dave and Jessica have had some pretty amazing things happen to them. The most recent is the growth of their church, HOPE Church of San Mateo. I look at pictures and I want so badly to make that a part of my life, that little goal in my head will soon come true. I am taking Ryan and the boys to check it out.

I am sharing this because just like my journey; EVERYONE has a journey, theirs is through HOPE Church. In April, Dave went to Sudan. He went to spread the word, but there is so much more that he found. Because we all know that what we take away is not what we thought we would.  Read about it here... Hope for Sudan because his journey is just starting! 

Please take moment to read, read Jessica's whole blog, subscribe, and if you can GIVE!
Your donation is tax deductible and 100% of funds raised will go to Hope Church, directly for this effort.
The donation button is at the bottom of the website link Hope for Sudan.


  1. I love your heart. And your support. Thanks, twin friend. I can't wait to see you. Oh and Kobi has a bone to pick with you... ;)

  2. Oh Kobi!!!! Like Bryant, I should have known!

  3. Cara! Thank you, thank you for helping spread the word! :)
    It is awesome. It is so evident that your support is genuine!
    I am really excited about Stella and Dot, but I'm even MORE excited to meet you in real life. :) Can't wait! Thanks again!