Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{It’s On.}

by Betty

To know me is to know I am not a current affairs girl. I can’t stand watching the news or CNN or reading about what’s going on in the world. I am usually the last to hear about significant world news and though, I can sometimes feel a little behind during smart people conversations, but for the most part, I live pleasantly unaware of all the crap that is going on around me. That doesn’t mean I live in a cave…I do hear about important matters as I am a proud social media user, but I don’t go seeking it out nor do I go in deep. Just a need to know basis. Cara says the News is her favorite show. I say every time I start to get caught up, I am sadly informed of the state of affairs and for as long as I can remember, when I am sad, I eat so eff the news. However, I am a proactive citizen and I do want to see and make change. “Be the change you want to see in the world”, is something I live by. Seeing as I am quite behind, I recently watched the KONY 2012 you tube video. If you haven’t watched it, it was worth the 30 minutes.
The message I am bringing to you is that our world and all the people in it are uniquely connected. Though, I am not living as a prisoner of Kony, there are many people who are and they are just like you and me. They want to live their best life. Isn’t that what we all want? I might not be able to pick up and fly over to physically do something about Kony, but I can give some money and I can tell people about it. I did hear that the guy who started this KONY 2012 is kind of a loony toon now, but struggle is struggle and it is still going on. (I think J)
So back to that uniquely connected humanity part…I know not all of you who read this blog have any struggles with weight, however, if we define struggle to be something that makes days longer, nights sleepless, tears to flow, headaches to brew, beds really hard to get out of, doubt to take over or fear to strengthen then we all know struggle and we are all connected. What I know is that I struggle everyday with my weight. I have over 100 pounds to go and then must live a mindful, healthy lifestyle to maintain my weight loss everyday for the rest of my life and I am struggling with that. I am tired.
I write this blog for 3 reasons: my own personal accountability, to inspire others and to be vulnerable which also acts as a voice for people just like me. We are all connected which means we must all come together and unconditionally support. I vow to support the fellow struggler as I have felt the fellow struggler support me. Don’t judge. Think before you speak. Find compassion during the darkest of times. And should you ever come across adversity (also known as stupid ass people that need to seriously consider taking vows of silence), believe in yourself and how far you have come. There is a fire inside all of us that can sometimes become dim. Light it. Fire it up for you and for me. Oh, it’s on my friends. It’s on.

Shout outs:

To my beautiful friend, Amanda Tyson…beast mode. It’s effin on baby.

To Victor my beach bum, You lift me up when I am down without even knowing it and I am so thankful. 510 Fitness in da house.
To my Jackson family and friends…such a gift to have time with you all no matter the forecast. I am so blessed. Thank you. The pink cupcake was by far the highlight. Christine, my love, it got me through.

To Joseph Kony, you have caused enough struggle for way too many people. You are a hot mess and will never feel satisfied in your life. Justice will find you. Asshole.
Michael my amazing trainer…thank you for your support. My journey would not be complete without you. I choose life. BML

I needed this workout today. Almost 2 hours with Michael says it all. I can’t believe how far we have come. Just 6 months ago we were different people. Sad, unhappy images of the people we want to be. The people we deserve to be. I want this more than I have wanted anything in my life and I am so grateful to have you and your small ass running a PR at a 10.5 on the treadmill next to me. I love you and our life more than bread and butter.

Think. Before. You. Freakin. Speak.

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  1. Loving life more than bread and butter. Now that's a lot!