Saturday, May 12, 2012


So much to share.
And even better.

Last week, Brianne myself and our younger sister, Nicole traveled to SoCal. We returned to the place and the people that saved our lives. Our BLR (Biggest Loser Resort) Reunion was perfect.

A little history, when we began our goodbyes and departure from BLR five and a half months ago, we made a decision with our "group" to reunite at the Biggest Loser Season 13 Finale. The reminder and the invite went out to everyone and although everyone tried to get away for a few days our small group consisted of Keith (Jersey), Heather, Meg, Amanda, Haley (Doc), Betty and myself. We also invited our sister Nicole as this was something we felt that she would have a blast with and she is an important piece for Brianne and I. Luckily, we also had friends that were part of our BL trip including Courtney Crozier (Season 11), Sione Fa (Season 7) as well as our new friends, our trainer and Biggest Loser At-Home Winner Trainer Michael Friedman and of course Season 13 At-Home winner Mike Messina!

All of these people are intricate to our journey. And so is the place.

Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge Malibu and all of the staff there go above and beyond their call of duty. Trainers John and Tonia, nutritionist Jessica, life coach Essara and front desk staff Mimi and Sarah welcomed us with open arms, jaw drops and smiles.  We were also extremely lucky to plan a guided hike, our group and 3 hiking guides from the resort, TJ, Amanda, and Alicia were exceptional! Our hike to Sandstone Peak (which was Keith's request and maybe the best hiking experience of my life) was beautiful and challenging. Sandstone Peak is the highest peak in the Santa Monica Mountains at an elevation of 3,111 feet. Wearing our brand new Shut Up & Sweat t-shirts we took that hike head on. There were tears, and laughter and more tears and nerves, but all of us with our varying abilities FINISHED! Van 3 for Life! V34L!

This trip was planned around the NBC Biggest Loser Season Finale, so we had to go to that too! We were lucky to get a few tickets through our new friend and spinning buddy Mike Messina and through We arrived to the Sony Studios around 3pm and the 5pm LIVE! show was all that I had imagined and more. The best part was that our support for our fellow Loser, Mike, paid off...he won, which ment we made it on TV. Congratulations, Mike! We are so excited to watch you pay it forward!

So here we are a week later (almost 2 weeks later). The reunion lingers, the strength of our BLR family feels stronger and the journey continues.

We have about a million photos and a little more to share on our amazing trip. Look for a slideshow of photos coming soon!


  1. I jaw dropped when I saw ALL you HOTTIES!! So proud of my BLR family and for the fact that EVERYONE is sticking to their dreams and their goals no matter what their # success!

    Your love, support and kick butt success inspires more than words will EVER be able to explain!


  2. this is AWESOME! you guys have come so far and accomplished so much!!!
    what an amazing opportunity to go back and celebrate and be encouraged!
    LOVE everything about this post!