Monday, July 28, 2014


by Cara

Where the heck have we been?
Still trying to save our lives, thats where.
We told you before that this journey has no end, this journey is actually our LIVES. You know as well as we do that life has ups, downs and some U-turns. It has been a summer of change, rest, and mental battles. You will see some new things here on Phat Chances. I hope you continue to read and most of all share with someone you think we can help. The Blog is getting a facelift while we lift weights! We will be coming back to sharing our lives, our tools, and most importantly our motivation.

Here is where my head has been:
I have been battling my own issues with running. This thing that got me to my goal is now a task. It is something that really takes everything in me to get done. I also realized that I love short events, 5k, 10k. But the half marathon has been daunting. I ran San Francisco Rock n Roll in April, San Diego Rock n Roll in June, and San Francisco Half Marathon just yesterday, July 27.

I have 2 months "off" so to speak, and then October San Jose Rock n Roll and November the US Half again here in SF. I don't travel to far from home, clearly. I have been trying to find just what it is that I am struggling with the most. And I honestly believe it is in my preparation. So here I am sharing with the world how I will hold myself accountable (which is why we created Phat Chances in the first place), so that I am not looking at this as a task but rather something I enjoy. I have 10 weeks, until my 33rd birthday and the RnR San Jose. My plan is to follow a set running schedule from now until then. Combined with some PiYo and weight training (as my cross training). 10 WEEKS.
It's not a sprint. It's a marathon. 

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