Sunday, August 3, 2014

Start on SUNDAY

by Cara


I have been so focused on these two things for much of my journey. I also have an amazing support system and it includes my brother-in-law Victor. He's actually my husbands best friend, but he is the kind of best friend that really is your brother. He is also Brock's Godfather, he's everyone's Godfather. Even mine! 

We check in daily about health, fitness and life. He kills his workouts DAILY. There are days he will ask if my workout is done, because he is looking for motivation to get his done. And then there is EVERYDAY that I get an alert on my phone from MapMyRun App, that tells me he biked another insane number of miles. He is doing great and inspires me every step of the way. 

This past week he checked in on me and I was honest, I had taken a week off post half marathon. I was honest that I probably had about 3-5 excuses that were really good ones, but they were still just excuses. I was also honest that I have a half marathon maintenance plan. What he told me next is what stuck with me, 

"But you always have a positive plan to get back on track...we didn't have that before" 

He's right. 

Two and a half years ago, getting off track was eating 5 slices of pizza and going to bed. Now getting off track is taking a week off after running 13.1 miles. I think there is a big difference between the two. Don't you?

So as I prepared for this week ahead, I did what I have always done START ON SUNDAY. 

Starting on Sunday has become important to me because Monday has such a negative place in the week, so I make it the second day. Don't ask me why but this has helped. I start the week on a day that I usually have off and the day that I do much of my meal prepping, like boiling eggs, making extra baked chicken and prepping veggies. I get my first workout of the week checked off my list and it makes me feel successful from the start. Do things that make you feel successful or at least set up for success because then you have planned for it to work.

I am looking forward to this week, I have about 6 women starting the 3rd week of a 3 week program and they are doing great. I have 3 people focused on PiYo who hands down are truly remarkable people to be celebrating success with. And tomorrow I get to see one of the Coaches from my Team launch her first FREE Clean Eating educational series. August is already looking GREAT!

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