Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hello. Hello. Anyone there?

By Cara

It's been awhile. Actually its been 2 months. I was thinking about blogging a lot lately. There have been so many things I have wanted to write and share about. Like the fact that I am going to run 5 half marathons this year, the first one is 8 days away. It will be my fourth half marathon on this journey to weight loss and maintenance. I don't think it will be anything special. It is here in San Francisco, and unlike other SF Marathons, this one includes almost (almost) every hill you can think of. I had so many plans to train well for it, including ankle weights in my last few days of training. This week was going to include 2 hill runs that are included on the course. That is until yesterday, March 26 at 08:30am. 

Yesterday, morning I was in a solo spin out accident, solo as in the only car gracefully spinning across 4 lanes of freeway. I was not solo in the car, my 4 year old son Sylas gracefully spun with me in silence. Taking it all in as I was frantically trying to channel my inner Lightening McQueen and clearly grasping for every guardian angel I could. We walked away. Yes, more sore today than any workout I have ever had and the car, though I was ready to get a new one, saved our lives. I will cherish that car no matter if I get it back or not. 

I started to think about WHY, why would this happen to me? I am such a positive person, I only attract what is right in this world (at least that is what I like to believe). How did we come so close to serious injury if not worse and come away without a scratch? How did we move between cars and hit a wall with the rear of the car and not the front? How the eff was part of it caught on a CHP dash cam? So many things came to mind. So many what if's and holy shits! 

But here is what I was reminded of and it all comes back to this journey. Complacency equals failure. When you become comfortable, when you think you can cheat (on your diet or on your life), when you think that you are not going to do any better than you already are, something will challenge you to rethink that. Something will break you down, and it is in that low point that you either rebuild even stronger and smarter than you were or you start a new journey. 

I don't think I am starting a new journey, I have way too many plans on this one. But clearly in need to come back stronger and smarter. So with all this pain and as I continue to add to my pinning (what else is there to do while you R.I.C.E?) I am re-building. My Beachbody Business as Coach and Mentor has a HUGE future. And my running will continue, I just need a few days off. 

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