Sunday, June 17, 2012

Motivate & Perspirate

Feeling good. 

Mentally and physically I feel on top of the world. I know that I have more to do, I am no where near maintenance (40 lbs to go). However, the habits and the life I am living is what I hope maintenance looks like for me. I love meeting with my trainer and friend, Michael, once a week. His spin classes are AMAZING and I am trying to run 3 miles as many days a week as possible. My husband, Ryan, is also killing it in the gym and I have decided that getting one workout a week with him at the gym is important to our journey together. 

This past week was by far one of my best in a while. I ate really really well, but I have to say putting a variety in my workout was awesome. 

Tuesday: Training session with Michael and 90 minutes of cardio with Ryan at 24 hour
Wednesday: I was late for spin (Michael's secret is out, so there were NO bikes) I did 40 minutes of cardio on the stationary bike and stair climber, then took the boys to my aunt's pool and swam/played for 90 minutes
Thursday: 3 mile run which included a 10:27 minute mile!!!! and swimming for 2 hours
Sunday: 90 minutes of Mike Messina and John Hebison's Boot Camp in the HOT HOT sun*

I loved this week! LOVED! And although the scale is not moving much (because my workouts have not looked like this) I had some fun and I am seeing that I am stronger and faster. I also love doing this with friends and family. Ryan and Betty were at the Boot Camp with Mike Messina and John Hebison, we encourage each other and check in on each other and that to me is support!! 

Things I am learning: you MUST have clothes you look and feel good in as you lose. I have been wearing clothes that are too big and just not cute. I am not buying whole wardrobes, just a few items that I can mix and match and luckily I can give some to Betty as she moves into the sizes too. I just ought a size 14 bathing suit. The bathing suit I have worn for the last 3 years has been a XXL maternity suit! Seriously I feel GREAT!

MOTIVATION: I have been grabbing quotes off Facebook and Pinterest that keep me thinking and keep me going. I think about them or re-read them a million times over the course of the day. 

Motivate and perspirate!

*Mike Messina was Biggest Loser Season 13's at Home WINNER! John Hebison was one of his trainers while he was home training and losing. Together they have created a weekend Boot Camp. 1-2 hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the East Bay Area. We are lucky to be able to work out with them. Awesome work out indeed. If you are interested in coming, please let us know and we can send you the details!

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