Sunday, October 27, 2013


by Cara

Its been weeks. Maybe months. All I know is, too long. Phat Chances is our story. It is the hard proof of where we came from and where we are TRYING to go. It is ugly. It is sweaty. It is HARD. 

We are still plugging a long. For a second there, right around my birthday I became complacent and as any YO-YO dieter would know, that is when you FAIL. Becoming complacent in your lifestyle means you are doing things you don't even think will sabotage your efforts. I was eating french fries and well a LOT of Cookie Butter. 

I gained, 14 lbs.

And well that is just not OK. I told Betty. I told my husband. I told my BLR friend Heather. I had to start telling on myself. So I thought what better than to tell the world, and our readers here on Phat Chances. This is not easy, we have said it a million times. As we get closer and closer to the two-year mark (November 27) we are looking at how far we have to go. And that is not the smartest thing to do. My last pounds feel like they will NEVER........EVER come off. And I get at least one message from Betty a week about how there seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel.  

And then, we have those moments when we look at what life is like and realize that it is COMPLETELY different. We work our asses off (Betty usually 2x a day). We eat and drink right 90% of the time. We are wearing pants that have been in the drawer for 5 years. 
We run 10ks. 

 LIFE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. We might have work to do, but we also have to trust that we are doing OK. We are headed in the right direction and although slow going we are moving. Sorry it has been a while, we are refocusing. This two year mark came up fast. Can't wait to share our Phat Chances future with all of you in 2014! 


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