Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Media Mom

by Cara

As a mom, or as Betty calls me "Media Mom" I am linked to so many people through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram (#PhatChances), oh and don't forget My Fitness Pal and logging my workouts on Beachbody and Map My Run. Holy smokes, that is a lot of connection. It is a lot of logging in and checking in and pinning and posting and you name it. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it, and sometimes I think about the few people I do know that are not connected or are only connected in one or two ways. I am jealous.

But just like this blog, logging in, checking in and posting and pinning is my ACCOUNTABILITY. It is my chance to stay connected to my journey, that I will be on forever. Will I post about it forever, maybe. I can never go back, and being visible and vulnerable is what makes this journey FOR REAL. 

What I do know is I need to be more purposeful in when and how I am using it. If I am with the fam or doing something meaningful, I need to put it away and live in the moment. I need to make sure my memories are in my head just as much as they are posted or checked in on my social media outlets. I need to be a successful mom just as much as I need the success of my healthy lifestyle.

I find pinned photos or instagrammed photos that I share all of the time. A lot of the photos I share have been shared by thousands of people before me, but it has meaning to my journey and so I share it too. This week there was one that just hit home for me, because it is not just about working out or meal prepping, it is about sharing life with the people you love and being fully present. When I say I just didn't have time, what was I actually doing with my time. Time is all we really have. Spend it wisely.

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