Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding Inspiration Online

by Cara

"Fast. Easy. Convenient" I was driving to work and there was a commercial on the radio for some special diet drops or pills or something. And "Fast. Easy. Convenient" were the words used to describe this diet. I have also heard people talking about how they have already stopped their "New Year's Resolutions" and are already looking for that quick diet fix to lose the pounds they committed to lose in 2013. Let's set one thing straight....there is NOTHING easy, fast, or convenient about dieting. And thats the other thing we have to change this terminology, it is no longer a diet, it is a lifestyle.

Choosing to be healthy, rather than not even noticing what you are eating or that you haven't walked farther than from your car (in the closest parking spot possible) into the store or your house or the restaurant, this is a lifestyle that requiers mindfulness on every front. This lifestyle requiers commitment, dedication, goal setting, preping and most of all TIME. There will be situations that are not convenient, there will be days and most of all workouts that will not be easy. And this is not going to happen fast. 

Here's the exciting thing. This weight loss and LIFESTYLE community is amazing. There are people out there that are all doing this. There are people that want so badly to make a change in their life, who are inspired each day by someone else. Brianne and I have been so motivated and inspired by the kindness and the inspiration that we have found in others. The messages, texts, comments, Facebook LIKES, are all noticed. We feel the love. We are truly humbled and thankful that our story might just touch the life of someone else. But here's the thing, we are not doing this to get attention we are sharing our story because we were looking for stories ourselves. By sharing our story we hope that we can motivate even just one person to be mindful. That really is all it is. Be mindful of what and how much you are eating and of how often you move your body. Start slow if you have to, but then take the time to write down what you hope to accomplish. Maybe its a number, but maybe it is trying new veggies or walking or hiking.

We want to encourage everyone reading to really seek out online groups that are there to support each other. And if you are involved in groups now we want to encourage you to be positive toward the group and in how you share your stories and your struggles. If you only share the negatives or the hard parts you lose sight of the good things and the successes as they come. CELEBRATE. There are so many good things to might be SLOW. HARD. and COMPLICATED, but it sure is worth it.

We would like to share with you some of our favorites. Check out these motivational people and places that inspire Phat Chances everyday:

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