Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We are excited to announce that Diets in Review, an online resource to EVERY diet and fitness program under the sun has published our story. We were contacted by DIR after our very good friend and former Biggest Loser, Courtney Crozier gave them our information. Thank you, Courtney for believing in us and being a part of our journey. We believe that this struggle…the weight loss struggle is one of the hardest on Earth. Food is an addiction for many people who seek a change that feels near impossible to reach. And sedentary lifestyles are becoming easier and easier as we have more and more technology at our fingertips and everywhere we go. We are proud of how far we have come and hope that with spreading the news that it is possible, someone…anyone may see their worth and fight, fight for their lives.

There were many conversations had. Several text messages sent. Lot’s of thought and anticipation, but in all times we spoke about starting this journey, we never once thought about the people we would meet along the way and definitely never thought that we could ever come close to inspiring someone else. Us? The two overweight sisters. Who knew?

We never thought we would have met the trainers and staff from the Biggest Loser Resort. We never discussed how we would become life long friends with Kelly from Idaho, Heather Insac, Meg from AZ, Keith the Jersey Firefighter, Amanda from Maine and Haley the Doctor. In all our planning, we never thought we would reflect back on our journey and realize that we have people we don’t even know supporting us and cheering us on. We never thought about how our journey would bring us closer to our family and amazingly brilliant cousins, Meghan, Kelly and Kasey. Starting our journey, we didn’t think about returning home and continuing our work with two of the most invested, talented personal trainers, Michael Friedman and John Hebison.  Friends that we haven’t spoken to since grammar school and high school are now part of our inspiration. We never thought about how we would continue group workouts and enrich our lives with our spin class and boot camp friends. Messages from people we don’t even know seeking inspiration to start for themselves and finding it in our words. We definitely never thought we would be friends with actual Biggest Loser contestants…Courtney Crozier, Sione Fa, Mike Messina, Tara Costa, Arthur Wornum and Sarah Nitta, just to name a few. They are the reason we chose the Biggest Loser Resort and seeing their courage and tenacity in person changed us forever. We never thought about how starting our journeys would create an entirely new world for us. But what a world it is and how lucky we are.

We believe that our success, the fire that drives us every single day are the people that empower us along our way.

Our message is simple, INSPIRE to be INSPIRED. This journey is not easy and hard days will continue, but it is with the strength and inspiration we have gained from the people in our lives that we find it in ourselves to continue. If at the end of all of this, should there be an end, we manage to inspire one person to believe in themselves and the brilliance that is life, it will have been worth every second. There are lots of blogs, amazing stories of weight loss success and lives that have been changed forever. This is our story. Our blog. And our lives have been changed because of it. Thank you for reading, for supporting and for being a part of the greatest journey of our lives.

We love you and this fit life more than bread and butter.

-Brianne and Cara 

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  1. So proud of you two. And I never had a doubt that you would inspire many. Because you were inspiring before you even started this journey. Love you.