Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's Get Serious

by Cara

What a struggle it has been! The last 3 weeks have not been my best, I will admit that. I might have already even mentioned that I am not doing well, just maintaining. Which is something right?

I need some accountability. I need to get back to setting weekly goals. I need action. I am feeling that lazy creeping on me. Today, was my first shift back in dispatch at AMR in about 2 months. I forgot how painful sitting for 12 hours feels. Sure I am sitting at my new job too, but for some reason at AMR there is pain, maybe its the pain of not being there full time that actually hurts my heart and soul but my legs and back were killing me today. So just when I started to feel the aches, I stood up and did a few minutes of squats and side lunges then some tricep-dip toe touches. Anyway. I will remind everyone reading and I will remind myself, NO ONE SAID THIS WAS EASY...if it was I would have already tackled it. 

With that said, using that as an excuse is no longer viable. If it is hard then deal with it. Last week, I only got 2 workouts in. I tracked food only 1 day. And only had one good night of sleep. I did wear my Body Media Fit CORE armband everyday. And I thought about working out...NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Back to Basics, Weekly Goals:

*4 workouts: Monday w/ Michael. Thursday Treading at 24. Friday w/ Michael. Sunday Twin Peaks Hike. (work Tues. Wed. & Sat.)

*Track all food intake w/ MyFitnessPal--1600 calories per day

*Drink 3 Nalgeen bottles of H2O everyday

*(new goal)Find a spin class to add into the workout rotation 

There are a lot of things coming up. Tomorrow is never any better than today. So as I prepare for this week ahead and the month ahead my goals continue to grow. To everyone looking for inspiration, or that spark to get going or to keep going, its here, its there, it is within anyone who wants it.

Shout Outs: 
My husband, Ryan, is getting his butt in gear too. He is hitting the gym 2-3 nights (or more) every week. He is using the NIKE FUEL Band, and he is my support. I am so proud of him for all the hard work he is putting in. 

Betty: I really cherish our double sessions with Michael. Such a smart way to get fit together.

Nicole: thank you for taking care of my babies. It is hard for me to leave them and I feel guilt leaving them with you and guilt in taking your time. You know how important this is to me, and I really truly appreciate it.

Menne & Angie Bee: I am actually a little jealous of your runs. I am not kidding I really want in.

Fongster and Amanda: I love chatting about what works and getting fit. Thank you for talking with me and fueling my fire for health and fitness.

Michael: thank you for believing in me. 


  1. We need to schedule a single session! I have a plan for you! ;-)

  2. when I don't want to accept my hard choice, I ignore your posts. I am reading them again! Don't ever think you aren't helping tons of us out here...I'm serious! You are my motivation

  3. Sometimes, when life brings change or turmoil, practicing maintenance IS progress. The important part is recognizing when you are no longer making progress and then finding a way to get back on track. It sounds like that is just what you are doing!
    I know some people find it helpful to email someone with the daily account of progress toward their weekly goals. If you think that may help feel free to send them my way -
    Keep up the good work! You will be my inspiration today during my workout!

  4. I like the picture and quote at the bottom. I guess we have a choice of what we want and what we want to be and how we want to live, no matter what. You got this! Keep going!