Monday, November 10, 2014

Maintain Don't Gain

by Cara


I started to think about the holidays and I was instantly brought back to last year. The mistakes I made. The food I ate. The workouts I didn't do. I remember a conversation that Brianne and I had after the fact and that we would not let it happen again. Fast forward to Halloween 2014, bean dip, meatballs, bread, Tito's and chocolate miniatures (Thank God they were mini's!) I made a declaration that moment, that night after Halloween with my sick belly, that I was going to make this the Healthiest Holiday EVER! 

And what does my amazing community of Coaches at Beachbody do, they declare the same. All on the same page, so here we go. 

Here is my plan of action:

1. Meal plan for the week. Prep food for day time like chicken and eggs and already cut and washed veggies and fruit.
2. Have a dinner plan in place and COOK.
3. No CARBS with dinner.
4. Workout minimum 30 minutes EVERYDAY and if I know I will miss a day do an extra workout the day before or after.
5. Stay accountable with my online accountability group, with this blog and with MYSELF

****6. Encourage as many people as possible to JOIN ME. 

So many people (including myself) think that waiting for the New Year is the way to go. Enjoy the time with friends and family and don't worry about the indulgences. The problem is, if we wait for 2015, if we wait for that moment the GYM is packed or after the damage is done, most likely we will give up. So why not start NOW!? Why not give yourself the GIFT of health this season. And NO gyms. Do it all on your time and in your space. 

I am setting a pretty BIG GOAL and I am hoping you will be a part of it, I am looking for 25 people to commit to their health or to GIVE the gift of health to some one else. It's time to END THE TREND of holiday gaining and work on holiday health! 

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